“We are living in a ‘one morning’ world; we get up one morning and many things have changed! Tomorrow morning, there will be another ‘one morning!”

Mornings are my favorite part of the day. While the coffee is brewing, I go out on the deck just to look and listen, a sort of greet the day ritual. Mornings, I’ve decided, have their own smells. My favorite is when I can smell the ocean in the dampness of the air. On warm mornings the scents of flowers fills the air. I usually hear Gracie walking on the leaves in the backyard and the songs of a few birds. Most times I don’t ever hear people, only a car or two going up the street. Chickadees dine early and they are the only birds at the feeder. I’m seldom out there all that long, but it is a ritual I have come to love. When I get back inside, the house is filled with the aroma of coffee. I grab my papers and start the rest of my morning.

When I travel, I love to be up early to go out and see the mornings unfold. I think that gives me a greater sense of where I am. One early morning at Gettysburg, I was there when they opened the gates and was the only car on the road. The morning fog shrouded the battlefield. It wasn’t eerie but rather seemed solemn, quiet, as if even the fog recognized this was a holy place, a place where men died because they believed in something bigger than themselves. In the cities, I walk the streets and see stores opening and goods being delivered. I can smell bread and coffee and even exhaust all mixed together but not unpleasant. I see the delivery trucks and people on their way to work. In Santa Fe, I got a cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun then sat on a bench and watched the Indians set up their goods in front of the Governor’s Palace. The rest of the plaza was just about empty. In Marrakech my mornings started just a bit later. I sat on the roof of my riad eating breakfast by myself. The Atlas Mountains were in front of me and I was surrounded by the roofs of other houses. Women were hanging laundry and a few were cooking using a tagine over charcoal. I watched them every morning. In Ghana the mornings bustle. People are up early. Roosters announce the day. I could always smell wood fires and hear voices from the compounds by my house. I loved those mornings.

This is a busy week for me. My dance card is filled every day but Friday.

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16 Comments on ““We are living in a ‘one morning’ world; we get up one morning and many things have changed! Tomorrow morning, there will be another ‘one morning!””

  1. olof1 Says:

    As You know I too love mornings, today was really wonderful here. But I love the early mornings in Paris when they opened up the cafés and the first smell of newly baked bread filled the street. Almost no cars on the small roads and the vegetable and grocery store owners were sweeping the sidewalks.

    Early mornings in thne center of Gothenburg is nice too but in another way. Those streets are always so busy except in the early mornings. People are out in their pajamas (in summer time) walking their dogs, stopping by a newsstand buying the morning paper and by a café buying their first cup of coffee 🙂

    Here I’m all alone disturbed by no one, it’s only me, my dogs and an eventual cat and the wild life 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      I know-you are a total morning person. Paris is a great place to be in the mornings. It has the best aromas and bread tops the list.

      I’d love a town where people don’t mind wearing their pajamas while walking their dogs. That’s a friendly, open town. I don’t live where there are cafes, but I’d like nothing better than to sit outside in one, drink coffee and enjoy the morning.

      I live in a neighborhood, but I have wonderful neighbors, lots of birds, an occasional coyote and other wildlife despite the houses.

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Mornings have city sounds here even though I am in a suburb. Weekdays have routine noises. There is the low hum from the interstate that underscores the other sounds. There are the birds, mostly English sparrows that chatter away. Depending on the wind, there is the smell of the sea or the smell of the construction companies warming up their trucks. My neighbors drive off at particular times with the most regular one passing my house at 6AM on the dot.

    Today is very quiet, for some reason. It feels like Sunday. No one was up doing any of the usual weekday morning things. No highway noise. No construction trucks warming up. Even the punctual neighbor was half an hour late.

    Rocky and I went for a walk in the drip. (Not enough drops to call it actual rain.) Even the wildlife was lazy. Birds did not get out of our way. Spawns of Satan just sat and watched as we walked quite closely past them.
    It was as if the world had pulled an all nighter and was just too tired to resume normal activities. It must have been those Perseids. 🙂

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      We have similar sounds, but my street is so small that cars are few, and we now every one. A different car gives us pause.

      Right now it is raining. It started just as I got to the dentist and got heavier while I was in there getting my teeth cleaned. It is dark as the rain is heavy. It is not a day to be on the roads. I came back the highway and took a back road to my house.

      I only hear the rain. There are probably birds, but I’m not going out to check. My shirt is damp from running to the house. I need my comfy clothes.

      Have a wonderful day!

  3. Juan Woo Noz Says:

    The sun is shining and its time to reflect on BIRTHDAYS, it is the time of year when we think about CAKE and GIFTS and all things BIRTHDAY. Perhaps it is time to honor the KTCC Big Five and recognize that they truly deserve BIRTHDAY CAKE on their special day

    Noel Paul Stookey December 30
    Judy Collins May 1
    IM6 October 6
    Leonard Cohen September 21
    Joni Mitchell November 7

    With apologies to Joan Baez, Ralph, Christer, Birgit, Mark Everett, Caryn, The Seekers and everyone else that might have been missed.

    • katry Says:

      Rain here, a loud rain though not a deluge the way my mother used to describe it.

      Wonderful post-inspiring post!! The caps were perfect emphasis!

      • Juan Woo Noz Says:

        The history of CAKES and CANDLES began in Ancient Greece. The Greeks made round CAKES to honor Artemis, the goddess of the moon. They often decorated it with either 1 lit candle or several to represent the glow of the moon. Overtime, other cultures began to make CAKES and ate them for their taste, rather than to honor Artemis.

        The first BIRTHDAY CAKE was believed to have been made in Germany in the middle ages. The Germans used the CAKE to celebrate the BIRTHDAYS of young children and called the celebration KINDERFEST. It was also here that CAKES began to be layered and alternate ingredients were used to make the CAKE sweeter than the usual coarse, bread-like CAKE that was usually found. This kind of CAKE was called Geburtstagorten by the Germans.

        The KTCC Big FIVE …AND OTHERS…….need CAKE on their BIRTHDAYS

      • katry Says:

        I find your postings so very interesting and even a bit intriguing.

        I did not know the source of the BIRTHDAY CAKE. For the sake of propriety and so as not to burn down the house, I think we should retain the Roman tradition of a single candle. It will be a bright symbol of all the years.

        I would think that each of us would love to have Geburtstagorten on our birthdays.

      • Birgit Says:

        Geburtstagstorten 🙂 Usually we put one candle per year on top. Or just one if the cake would be too crowded.
        Dear Juan Ay Guezz, thanks for the history lesson, I didn’t know that.

  4. katry Says:

    I figure sometimes you’d need a really huge cake to hold the right number of candles!

  5. Splendid Says:

    Hello fellow Coffee Groupies!
    I have been reading intermittently for the past month, but replying has only been inwardly. Please know I have missed many of your daily musings. Funny that today’s topic is mornings, I was just thinking about this while at the beach a few weeks ago. I like to get up at 5:30am there, which is 4:30am here and watch the sky lighten and then dawn break over the lake. I am usually the only one on the beach and it feels like I am the only person in the world, like it is all just for me. I was thinking about this one morning as I sat on the veranda drinking coffee. I always found the only people up early willingly were old people. When on vacation I love to get up like Kat says and watch the world awaken while I sit and watch, and I realized I have become one of those older people. Perhaps when one is younger, sleep is more important not only because you are growing but because there is plenty of time. Only in midlife when we hit that curve of middle age do we hear the footsteps. Or we realize we are constantly immersed in humanity and having moments alone anywhere but our own homes is rare. To be the first person awake and watching anywhere else- a cafe, a park,even the beach perhaps gives us a sense of control. To already be there and watching those who come later- gives me a sense of peace,I can observe but not be personally involved. I wonder if this is how God feels?

    • katry Says:

      The mornings and nights are the most amazing parts of the day. Both seem to have a quiet of their own but at night the quiet feels more absolute as people are not stirring. The early mornings are busy with delivering the day’s goods, and the streets are empty, too early for people yet. I love wandering in the mornings someplace new and maybe happening on a small cafe tucked away which smells of the most delicious coffee.

      I remember once when we were in Maine on vacation. I was up really early as was a friend of my dad’s. He was going to mass and wanted to know if I would like to go with him. I did. We rode along the oceanside, and I saw seals. We went to mass at a monastery, and it was so very lovely when the monks sang. On the way home he bought me juice and breakfast. That was a great early morning I’ve never forgotten.

  6. Juan Woo Noz Says:

    As the cool air breezes through the windows of the Noz Family, deep in the peaceful backstreets of the Hutong. Juan (and I am comfortable talking about myself in the third person) is willing to take on the topic of whether or not there is such a thing as a BIRTHDAY WEEK ?

    Lets say that a loved one or a friend decides to post on a social site such as FACEBOOK that a BIRTHDAY is forthcoming, is it therefor reasonable that such an announcement merits a week of BIRTHDAY celebrations or is it the ultimate level of social media narcissism ? if the BIRTHDAY WEEK is promoted by an admirer or friend does that validate the concept or somehow diminish the importance of the actual day ?

    Is 7 days of BIRTHDAY celebrations a form of scaling leading to the actual BIRTH DAY itself. ? Does a monarch demand multiple days for personal festivities ? Would it be reasonable for im6 to have an actual birthday (October 6) and an official birthday (June 20).

    As you all know, the Noz’s are Taoist and look to Yang Xiong for reflection and direction, but have little guidance on BIRTHDAY WEEK other than to look deep within.

    Perhaps for the cherished few, it is a moderate reward for all they give to others.

    • katry Says:

      Juan (in keeping with the third person) is a brave man taking up the controversy of a BIRTHDAY WEEK.

      It is most decidedly reasonable to expect week long celebrations; narcissism . It is ever better if the BIRTHDAY WEEK is not promoted by the celebrant.

      A balloon or two outside the door of the BIRTHDAY friend or loved one would be a perfect way to being the week-long celebration.

      Looking deep within is not limited to Taoism but it seems Yang Xiong has been a wise counselor.

  7. Juan Woo Noz Says:

    Ms Kat-Ry,

    In the culture of the Noz family we use the beautiful sky lantern for CELEBRATIONS including BIRTHDAYS.

    Symbols of the elements are used on Noz lanterns. Philosophically, there are five elements in the physical universe that balance each other to keep the world together. Each element is associated with one of five primary colors. Red represents fire; black means water. Blue is associated with wood, while white is a reference for metals. Yellow represents the Earth and its core.

    Soon the BIRTHDAY lanterns will be hung from the door in our Hutong, inviting those around us to share in CAKE. GIFTS shall be readied and the BIRTHDAY WEEK will be concluded in a celebration of song and friendship

    The night is long, the sky is dark and soon I must leave our courtyard and return to the home.

    • katry Says:

      I will be led by the light of your sky lantern to the BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION and will honor each of the colors and their meanings.

      Your house in Hutong will be a beacon of joy and friendship. It will be where we will all gather to honor the BIRTHDAY CELEBRANT. We will applaud and laugh and eat BIRTHDAY CAKE while the lovely PRESENTS are opened.

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