Across the Great Divide: Beccy Cole

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5 Comments on “Across the Great Divide: Beccy Cole”

  1. im6 Says:

    What a surprise. 1) I thought perhaps you’d misspelled Becky. No, it’s Beccy. 2) I was expecting a cover version of The Band’s hit. No, it’s a wonderful original. 3) I’m not really a country music fan, but there’s no denying her talent and she really won my heart when I read this in her bio on her web site: “In 2000 Beccy, was proud to sing for her Prime Minister yet controversially declined an invitation to sing for then American President, George W Bush in 2007.”

    What’s not to love?

    • katry Says:

      I didn’t know the last part of your comment from her bio, but it definitely cements my admiration for Beccy.

      I am also a fan of Nanci Griffith’s version of this song. It is the first one I ever heard and is similar to this. Nanci is one of the first country singers I ever liked. I found her because of her crossover album Other Voices, Other Rooms which won the Folk Grammy. On it, she sings this song with Emmylou. The song was written by Kate Wolf

      • Rich Says:

        I lost my old tape of a Kate Wolf concert from years and years ago. This wonderful version really reminds me of Kate. There are a couple of other versions of this that are pretty good as well. A delicate bluegrassy one by Laurie McClain and a full-on bluegrass version by Frank Solivan. It’s such a great song, I’m sure there’s bunches more of them, too.

      • katry Says:

        I first heard this on a Nanci Griffith CD and loved the song and Nanci’s voice. I think she does a great job as well. Kate Wolf was an original with an amazing talent. When I hear one of her songs, I am reminded of the sadness of losing her so young.

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