Great Balls of Fire: Jerry Lee Lewis

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  1. hedley Says:

    Was “Self Portrait” the worst Bob Dylan album ? Strangely it is the subject of Dylan’s official bootleg series and will be released at the end of august under the title “another Self Portrait” with more Dylan cover art.
    The 2 disc version will run around $20 and the 4 disc version clocks in at a hefty $125.
    Dylan and Empire burlesque sucked but they were much later than this disaster…pass

    • Caryn Says:


      Christmas in the Heart.


      • Hedley Says:

        Caryn, excellent awful pick, let’s hope they don’t roll out a Superdeluxeedition of that

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I agree with Caryn on this one!

    • john Says:

      “Good Evening, Ladies And Gentlemen. Would You Please Welcome Columbia Recording Artist, Bob Dylan”.

      I hate to admit it, but I’ve always liked Self-Portrait and Dylan… don’t know why, maybe it was the ‘so bad, it’s good’ factor.
      But, I’m gonna pass on the new release, although since the versions are different from the original release,,, it could be interesting.
      My favorites will always be the first 3 albums he made – probably because they bring me back to my long ago lost youth. I do think the bootleg of his Minneapolis concert in ’98, “Eating Caviar On A King Sized Bed”, is my favorite live recording. His guitar on”It Ain’t Me, Babe” is classic.

  2. Caryn Says:

    As one reviewer said, “If forced to listen to it again, I might have to hang myself by the fire with care”.

    • katry Says:

      I love that quote!!

      • Caryn Says:

        It made my morning, too. 😀

      • katry Says:

        How are you abiding the heat? Gracie is in her crate; Fern is in a ball on the couch and Maddie sleeps upstairs which stays hotter than downstairs, it being the third floor. I am lolling and reading!!

    • hedley Says:

      Of course one of the great pleasures of Self Portrait is that Bob decides to adopt what he considers to be a country voice.
      I would agree that Christmas Bob is a masterpiece in awfulness but maybe there were more warning signs when we were confronted by the idea of a Dylan Manilow-esk Christmas offering and warbling through The First Noel.
      Can anyone have expected “Self Portrait” to be so bad ? The only good thing about that album was when Chumlee was told by Rick to go and get it autographed. He came back to the store with the disc signed and dedicated by Bob Dylan to Chumlee which somewhat reduced the value of the autograph

      • katry Says:

        Te fact that the Christmas album was offered free everywhere on line was the “giveaway” so to speak.

      • hedley Says:

        Kat, it is well worth noting that Gaudete Sunday falls on December 15 this year

      • katry Says:

        My Dear Hedley,
        This is too much of a coincidence. After you accused me of pandering with the Beach Boys song, I looked up Gaudete Sunday and marked it on my calendar!!!!!

      • hedley Says:

        Errrr. Kat, Isn’t Gaudete Sunday somewhat sacred to the rhythm of KTCC ?
        And since the most recent outrageous pandering incident in all its shamelessness look place in July, it’s a full 5 months to one of the centerpieces of KTCC celebrating the season.
        I am shocked that you did not have it marked already. The 3rd Sunday of Advent will be on the 14th in 2014 and the 13th in 2015 (just for forward planning)

      • katry Says:

        It is most sacred to KTCC, and I always look forward to not only playing it but also listening.

        It was marked last week! I, of course, would have remembered anyway!!

  3. Caryn Says:

    I thought Dylan already had a country voice.

    Chumlee is priceless.

    • hedley Says:

      Bob comes up with something really awful voice wise which matches his decision to do a covers album

      I agree, Chumlee give me no end of chuckles, I saw a show the other night where he “carded” a very attractive girl – not sure if the dating technique worked but it was funny.

  4. hedley Says:

    Caryn and Kat

    What do you think about a five disc version of Van Morrison’s Moondance ? Coming in September, there is a remaster disc, three discs of alternative versions of tracks and a 5.1 surround sound. Now that is interesting

    • im6 Says:

      I’m ending the boycott ’cause I must know more about the five (5 ???) disc version of Moondance. It’s among my favorites and was the first CD I ever bought. But FIVE discs? Might as well comment on Bobby as long as I’m here. I also saw (with disbelief) he was releasing a new Self Portrait package, but I’ve always considered it something he’d done just as a lark. Didn’t like it, but didn’t hate it. And that country voice of his beats that whatever-it-is voice he now uses that is completely unintelligible. I’ve noticed Springsteen seems to be following suit. His past 3-4 releases have that oh-screw-it-I’ll-never-hit-that-note-so-why-bother voice with the inflection that’s somewhere between a drawl and a I’ve-got-something-stuck-in-my-throat.

      • katry Says:

        Bobby has become several Bobby’s of late. I like some and dislike others, intensely dislike. I bought every Bob on vinyl as soon as they were released, and now I suffer through much of his music.

        Past glories seem to fade when “oh-screw-it-I’ll-never-hit-that-note-so-why-bother voice” becomes de rigeueur.

    • katry Says:

      I didn’t even know and now I wonder. Alternate versions? Those that didn’t make the cut? I need to know more!!

      • Hedley Says:

        FIVE DISC deluxe edition track listing:

        Disc One – Original Album Remastered

        1. “And It Stoned Me”
        2. “Moondance”
        3. “Crazy Love”
        4. “Caravan”
        5. “Into The Mystic”
        6. “Come Running”
        7. “These Dreams Of You”
        8. “Brand New Day”
        9. “Everyone”
        10. “Glad Tidings”
        Disc Two – All Previously Unreleased

        1. “What do we call this Van?”
        2. “Caravan” (Take 1)
        3. “Caravan” (Takes 2-3)
        4. “Caravan” (Take 4)
        5. “Caravan” (Takes 5-6)
        6. “Caravan” (Take 7)
        7. “Caravan” (Take 8)
        8. “I’ve Been Working” (Early Version Take 1)
        9. “I’ve Been Working” (Early Version Take 2)
        10. “I’ve Been Working” (Early Version Take 5)
        11. “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out” (Outtake)
        12. “I Shall Sing” (Take 1)
        13. “I Shall Sing” (Takes 2-3)
        14. “I Shall Sing” (Takes 4-6)
        15. “I Shall Sing” (Take 7)
        16. “I Shall Sing” (Takes 8-12)
        17. “I Shall Sing” (Take 13)
        Disc Three – All Previously Unreleased

        1. “Into The Mystic” (Take 10)
        2. “Into The Mystic” (Take 11)
        3. “Into The Mystic” (Takes 12-13)
        4. “Into The Mystic” (Takes 14-16)
        5. “Into The Mystic” (Take 17)
        6. “Brand New Day” (Take 1)
        7. “Brand New Day” (Take 2)
        8. “Brand New Day” (Take 3)
        9. “Brand New Day” (Take 4)
        10. “Brand New Day” (Takes 5-6)
        11. “Brand New Day” (Take 7)
        12. “Glad Tidings (Take 1)
        13. “Glad Tidings (Takes 2-4)
        14. “Glad Tidings (Takes 7-8)
        15. “Glad Tidings (Take 9)
        16. “Caravan Redo” (Takes 1-2)
        17. “Caravan Redo” (Take 3)
        Disc Four – All Previously Unreleased

        1. “Come Running” (Take 1)
        2. “Come Running” (Take 2)
        3. “Come Running” (Takes 3-4)
        4. “Come Running” (Take 5)
        5. “Come Running” (“Rolling On 4”)
        6. “Moondance” (Take 21)
        7. “Moondance” (Take 22)
        8. “Glad Tidings” (Alt. Version)
        9. “These Dreams Of You” (Alt Version)
        10. “Crazy Love” (Remix)
        11. “Glad Tidings” (Remix 1)
        12. “Glad Tidings” (Remix 2)
        13. “Glad Tidings” (Remix 3)
        14. “Caravan” (Remix)
        15. “These Dreams Of You” (Remix)
        16. “I Shall Sing” (Mix)
        Disc Five – Blu-Ray Audio disc with high-resolution 48K 24 bit PCM stereo and DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround sound audio of original album (no video)

      • katry Says:

        My Dear Hedley,
        Get away, Satan! I will not be tempted!!!

  5. hedley Says:

    im6 – The Moondance release was announced today and you can find details all over the web including

    The first disc will be a remaster of the original Moondance and then he is offering three discs of alternative versions, outtakes and other goodies, I guess it will be a ton of session stuff if that holds any interest for you. And the final item is a surround sound disc in 5.1 which will play in the Hedleymobile. As a gigantic Van fan, this could open a Pandora’s box …here is hoping. The 5 disc version will run around $75 and there will be a 2 disc highlights. Preorder is on amazon already

    Love Bob and own just about everything including the box of mono recordings but like you I thought Self Portrait was just filling up time or contract or messing with everyone. I guess if the 2 disc version drops to $12.00 I can invoke my completest clause, otherwise its a huge no thank you.

  6. Caryn Says:

    Rocky spent the morning at the groomer where it was nice and cool.
    We both spent the rest of the day inside with the AC running. I’m hoping the evening will cool down sufficiently that I can open the windows, turn off the AC and turn on the much quieter fans.
    I hope you all stayed cool as can be.

    • katry Says:

      Glad Rocky didn’t suffer except in the hands of the groomer!

      According to the weather at 6, tonight will be hot, tomorrow hotter and Friday the hottest. It could reach 100 in some places on Friday. I’m just waiting for all that rain on Saturday then cooler days so I can turn off my air. It has been running for days.

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