“If you can see the aliens in the UFO, it’s already too late.”

Gee, are those drops I hear outside my window? I bet it rained earlier this morning and last night, and I figure you can even guess what comes next: the rain left a damp, cloudy day. If it weren’t for the sandy cape soil, my world would be afloat. I’ve lost track of the number of rainy days in a row. I think it is edging toward forty days and forty nights. Oops, that would be Noah’s count, not mine, but I am beginning to feel a certain kinship to him and his plight. The weather in the paper said sun on Wednesday, but I am a skeptic with a wait and see attitude.

I am not a happy person today. The tweeting bluebirds have gone elsewhere, and there are no singing mice wearing little jackets or dresses and wielding needles. Did you ever notice the boy mice wear only jackets? I never did. As always I digressed so back to my bad mood, and back is the key to that mood. I woke up sore and in pain. I expected a full recovery by this time, a click my heels in the air and dance recovery. I know it hasn’t yet been two weeks, but I figured the pain would be gone by now. The nurse is coming in about an hour so maybe she’ll give me more information. She’ll check the redness which I hope the antibiotics have attacked with great ferocity.

Everything is just so green and lush from all this rain, but with all the water and lots of puddles, I do worry that the mosquitos will lay millions of eggs and take over the world. I saw that movie; of course, I did. Mutated mosquitos just picked up people and flew off to munch their prey at their leisure.

I remember telling my mother there was nothing to do in the whole town when she wouldn’t give me money to go horseback riding. I feel a bit like that now. I get bored easily. I start to read, and my mind wanders. I play hearts on the computer and lose more than I win. I’m now watching a movie I’ve seen before, Battleship. It’s kind of a fun movie though and better, I think, than its reviews. The aliens are believable. The good guys win. You can’t ask more than that.

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  1. olof1 Says:

    I haven’t seen either movie You mention today but I’ll see if I can find Battleship in the supermarket next time I go there. But I’m pretty sure I would love those mutated mosquitos 🙂

    The rain brought more flies here, I thought it would and I hate when I’m right like that 🙂 Over here they say that July will be warmer than it has been for years, doesn’t say much really since it has been cold and rainy for several years in July 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I’ve always wondered why boy mice never have pants 🙂 I guess they would look very fat wearing trousers 🙂 Well Mickey Mouse does of course but I guess he’s the only one.

    I hope that back of Yours will be better soon and that this just is the pain You get for a while after surgery. After all it still heals and I guess it doesn’t help having an infection either.

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      I think you’d really like Battleship too. I had my sister watch it and she really liked it.

      WE had a really cold July a few years back, but this June s the one for the record books. The heat has been overwhelming in the Southwest, as high as 124˚, and we have set no records for rainfall. I don’t now what to expect for July but anything would be better than June.

      Mickey Mouse has pants and no shirt while Donald is pant less.

      I think it is getting better but even a little pain makes me grumpy.

  2. Birgit Says:

    I hope the nurse had good news and could help and your mood and back is better now.
    What happened to your catbird nest in the forsythia, are they still breeding? Our young blackbirds had left their nest and I could finally cut the ivy. I think I saw a horror movie with vicious ivy some time ago, but I can’t remember the title.

    • katry Says:

      She says the wound is looking better with much less red so I’m on the mend. My friend just brought iced coffee so I’m a happy woman!

      I haven’t seen the catbirds so I think they’re gone. I did see the two of them following what I think was their baby on a flight but I was looking from the door and didn’t have the best view. I’ll have to check as that bush badly needs pruning.

      Right now I’m watching giant fire-breathing wasps.

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    It’s probably the crappy weather that made you feel your pain more acutely. I hope it eases up quickly and goes away.

    There is a law of cartoon pants. I googled it. Unfortunately I can’t get to the actual page to find out what the law is. Possibly it is too risque for me to know. 🙂

    I’m sitting here under a tornado warning. I just drove through most of the towns on it while they were under tornado warnings but I didn’t know because I didn’t have my radio on. No wonder the rain was so heavy. I must have been following right behind the storm. Right after I got in the house, the heavens opened up here. No rain at the moment but I am still under tornado warning as I write.

    Made a Peapod order on my android device with the app. Finished it up on my computer when I got home. Ain’t modern life grand? 😀

    Enjoy the day as best you can.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I’m feeling a bit better this afternoon but the weather still sucks though it is no longer raining.

      Too funny- a law for cartoon pants.

      I read about the tornado warning. The world is going crazy. There were small tsunamis off the coast down here and now you’ve got tornados. It’s as if the scifi channel has come to life.

      I have an app on my iPad but haven’t used it yet. Life is far too much fun with all the technology. To think I used to have to look things up in the encyclopedia!

      Have a great afternoon!!

  4. Bob Says:

    I wish you could share some of that rain with us in the draught stricken southwest. We here in North Texas are behind by about 15 inches of rain for the year. The folks north of Pheonix need the rain to kill the wildfires which have taken the lives of 19 firefighters yesterday. Today was partly cloudy with mild temperature in the low nineties.

    Glad to hear the prognosis that you are on your way to full recovery. Don’t let bastards grind you down.

    • katry Says:

      I would be happy to share if I could. I’d love to see the rain equalized.

      The news here is filled with your weather and the horrible tragedy of the firefighters. I can’t even imagine a day so hot. We complain the few times we reach the high 80’s,

      Every day I get better!!

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