hi·a·tus  (hts)

n. pl. hi·a·tus·es or hiatus

1. A gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity; a break: “We are likely to be disconcerted by . . . hiatuses of thought” (Edmund Wilson).
     I am taking a hiatus today. My leg is bothering me , okay bother is an understatement, and my mind refuses to wrap itself around anything of consequence. Talk to you on Thursday!!
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24 Comments on “Hiatus”

  1. olof1 Says:

    I do hope this will go away quickly! Have You been moving around too much and strained Your back/leg?
    Take care now!

    • katry Says:

      The nurse thinks the leg pain is from my using different muscles since the surgery. I had to walk a certain way before the surgery, and now I’ve changed that and am walking straighter. The leg pain is the worst. Lots of swear words in the mornings!!

      Thanks, I will take care.

  2. Hang in there, Kat, and take it as easy as you can for awhile.


    • katry Says:

      I’m doing the best I can and my sister is trying to keep me ahead of the pain so I only have the mornings to worry about when I first get out of bed.

      I have been taking it easy to new heights!

  3. Caryn Says:

    Oh dear. That doesn’t sound good.
    Take it easy and take some pills. I hope it all eases up quickly.

    • katry Says:

      I got a perfectly acceptable explanation from the nurse so I’m not worried about the pain. I just hate it.

      Pills, I love my pills!

  4. Annie Says:

    Thinking of you, take it easy today.

    • katry Says:

      Thanks! I am definitely taking it easy in the AC. I sip my ice coffee and ring the bell for the servants!! If it weren’t for the pain, life would be just swell!!

  5. im6 Says:

    This may be my last contact for a while, so before I pack up the iMac, I wanted to send you good wishes for a speedy recovery. When I get back in business, I hope to hear you’re much, much better and feeling no pain. Adios!

  6. Bob Says:

    Get well soon! Your complete recovery comes first. Don’t try to do too much too soon. Have a great evening and don’t forget to take your narcotics. Better living through chemistry 🙂

    • katry Says:

      I have always been a firm believer in the power of chemistry to do good!!

      Sheila keeps her eyes on me to make sure I don’t overdo but her leaving means I’ll have to be my own watcher. Not a great idea!

  7. Lori Kossowsky Says:

    We are all purring for less pain, and more pills.. oh dear, that doesn’t sound quite right. 😮 . Hang and swear and take care.
    Waving away your pain,
    Lori and her traveling troupe….

    • katry Says:

      It sounded perfect!!!

      The morning is only tolerable after my pill. The rest of the day is maybe I need one, maybe I don’t.

      We’re all waving back (except Gracie who’s napping).

      • Vintage Spins Says:


        The strongest pills I’ve had for pain are Tylenol 3s (with codeine) – I used to get, shall we say, a lovely little glow from them, but now “zip.” ;-(

        I imagine yours would have to be even stronger. Re: your wound, did they recommend sitz (?) baths? It sounds to me as if the American health care system is terrific (as long as you’re one of the lucky ones who has insurance – God help the poor sods without it.) Ours used to be first-rate until about 1991, when a “corporate-minded” shift seemed to occur. It’s been slowly sliding downhill ever since.
        @ Lori: Your waves put a smile on my face, too.


      • katry Says:

        I have two different pain pills: one needed an ID before they would give it to me as it is a controlled substance. No bath on this wound. I was told a gentle spray when I showered so it would clean off the scabs.

        Insurance is the law in this state. Everyone must have it, and the state has one for those who can’t get it elsewhere. I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield, paid for by me and my former employers.

      • Vintage Spins Says:

        That’s amazing, Kat! So I gather all the fuss in the news is because not every state offers insurance for its residents? I haven’t had a decent family doctor now for five years – mainly because almost everyone I called said that they weren’t accepting new patients and my experience has been that those that are, really are not any different from a walk-in clinic. It’s almost as impersonal – and get this . . . most of them now expect you to come in for an interview before anything else happens. (In order to ensure that you’re not going to be too difficult to deal with and aren’t going to be a burden on their practices!!)

        I may end up driving to Buffalo soon with cash in hand.


      • katry Says:

        Obama care is very close to the insurance Massachusetts offers. The “fuss” mostly by republicans is because of the projected cost of universal health care and because it is the offering of a democratic President. Romney was governor of Massachusetts when the health care bill was passed here, but he had to be anti-helath care bill when he was running against Obama as that was the main stream republican view. It made him look wishy-washy but he had no choice.

        My sister has state health care as her husband’s work doesn’t offer health care and my sister doesn’t work. There is a limit on the amount of money you can earn for eligibility as a few years ago they made about $600.00 too much and were ineligible, but the next year they qualified.

        If you don’t have health care in this state, they can go after your state tax returns, but I don’t think anyone really checks. On the state tax form, you have to attest you have insurance.

  8. Splendid Says:

    What everyone else said.

  9. Birgit Says:

    I hope you are feeling better today.
    Perhaps Candye Kane can cheer you up a little bit with her song “I’m Not Gonna Cry Today”?
    (Only if you are in the mood for music, don’t feel obliged to listen or reply.)

    • katry Says:

      How could I not listen to someone who has chosen to call herself Candye Kane?

      I’m better today, but I have to see the doctor tomorrow. The visiting nurse doesn’t like the look of the “wound” site. I think she should mind her own business!!

  10. Jeff in San Diego Says:

    Hi, Ket.

    I can’t think of anything original to add, so I’ll just say that I echo everyone else’s hope that you have a speedy and complete recovery.

    • katry Says:

      Thanks, Jeff
      I am feeling better today than I had been. I’m thinking I should have had a miracle recovery and been able to click my heels in the air a day or two after surgery. Come to think of it-I don’t believe I could ever do that!!

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