“we’re all golden sunflowers inside.”

This morning I woke up early and had that strange burst of energy I get some mornings. I made my bed, put on a load of wash, took a shower and read both papers, all before 8 o’clock. I think that’s a new record for me.

When I was walking back from the drive-way with my paper, I noticed a catbird carrying a long, brown what looked like a frond from a daffodil in its mouth. He dropped it when I walked near and the frond caught on the top of the fence. I moved the frond to the grass. When I looked later, it was gone, and while I was standing at the door, the catbird flew by with another piece of brown grass in its beak. I watched to see where the bird was going. The nest is being built in my forsythia bush in the front garden. The bush is tall and thick and perfect for a nest. The bush needs trimming so I’ll have to catch my landscaper and have him leave it be for a while. I can live with a shaggy forsythia.

My Sunday breakfast is now my Monday breakfast. With the summer crowd, my place has a line out the door and down the parking lot on Sunday mornings but not on Mondays. This morning, after the hectic start to my day, I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with my friend, and it was a wonderful way to slow down to enjoy the day, a delightful day with blue skies and temperatures in the 70’s.

I have only one errand to do and a couple of chores. I’ll get to them later. There’s no hurry. I have the whole day!

I love sitting here in the coolness of my den. The only sounds I hear are the birds. They sing in stereo all around my house. The cats and the dog are napping and for once, Gracie isn’t snoring. Content is how I feel.

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16 Comments on ““we’re all golden sunflowers inside.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    No bird nests in trees or shrubs here, too easy for the cats to take anything in there but I do have several beneath the tiles. It’s mostly hous sparrows but also one swallow nest.The Magpies only use my garden as a kindergarten 🙂

    I wish I had a tradition like Your sunday breakfasts but we don’t have any places open for breakfasts unless one is willing to have it at McDonalds 🙂 I just refuse to do that 🙂 🙂 It’s another thing in the big cities though but then it’s mostly porridge or ready made sandwiches they sell.

    41F here this morning but the sun has been shining all day and it’s rather wonderful here now.
    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      It is still cool to see the magpies regardless of their reason for visiting your yard.

      My breakfast place is open every day. We even go there Christmas morning, and it is crowded. Today I had eggs over easy, sausage patties, home fries and pumpernickel toast and, of course, coffee. The cup is limitless-filled all the time.

      I am sweating like a pig. I went to the garden center to get couple of plants and it as in the hot sun. I needed one plant for inside, one for the front steps and a hanging basket for the deck. I also ended up buying suet, another suet feeder, some Gracie treats and a couple of small tomato plants to try in that upside thing. When I got home, I watered the deck plants and am now dripping sweat. I decided to put the screen in the back door so I had to carry the storm dorm downstairs. At least now I have a breeze from the back door.

      Tonight is supposed to be cooler.

      Have a great evening!

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I had a bit of energy, too, mostly because I had to clear the pathway for the new fridge that comes tomorrow. But I did laundry as well and I took Rocky for a walk at 6AM. We were both awake. It was light. Why not? He was confused as he is not a morning dog.
    I’m contemplating ice cream now but am not sure I have the motivation to drive to get it. Maybe.
    Sunny and warm and breezy here. Lovely.
    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      If you read my reply to Christer, you’ll see I went crazy this afternoon too. I even cleaned the outside shower which I had started but not finished last week. I’m sitting here in the den which has a nice breeze. Every pore in my body is sweating. I’m going to need another shower!

      Have a great evening!!

      • Hi Kat,
        I was confused yesterday about your mention of the shower. Do you have a swimming pool in your yard? If not, what is the shower used for? I know, I’m a nosey parker!


  3. It’s also lovely and warm here and I’ve been soaking it up on the balcony while continuing to deal with the aftermath of a dental emergency four days ago.

    Kat, is Miss Gracie an affectionate ‘pup’? I’m afraid that if I was in her presence I wouldn’t be able to stop hugging, petting and smooching her! I’m an insane dog-lover.


    P.S. Birgit, if you read this, I hope you saw my previous message a couple of posts ago. My apologies for disappearing – I hope you got back before I made my exit. I’m setting up elsewhere so you’ll be most welcome there.

    • katry Says:

      I dutifully go to the dentist every six months, but I hate a dental emergency!

      Miss Gracie is most affectionate, quite the licker. When she wants something, she puts her chin on my arm and soulfully looks at me. I always give into that look. On the couch, she’ll lean against me then gradually work her way to my lap (the head and front legs-the rest won’t fit!).

    • im6 Says:

      Marie… I hope this means you’re restarting the engine on your blog and I hope you still have my email. I’d love to cruise your musical landscapes with you!

    • Birgit Says:

      Marie, thanks, unfortunately I was too late for your last blog, I slept too long on Sunday. Still saw your note, but the music was already gone. To be honest I’m not sure whether I want to follow an additional blog regularly (you know, there is something called real life…), but I’m too curious to miss it. So I would be glad if you count me in. Do you need my email?

  4. Spaceman Says:

    I been meaning to tell you my church is sending a mission group to Ghana – Jesse Brooks orphanage in Aflao

    • katry Says:

      I have been through Aflao many times on my way to Togo. It is the border station between the two countries. I never did see much of it as I just sailed through the border in each direction.

  5. Vintage Spins Says:

    Good morning Kat, im6 and Birgit,

    @ im6: Yes, my little blog will soon be chugging along again. I still have your email address, so I’ll definitely let you know very soon.

    @ Birgit: I understand completely, though the truth is that I don’t really expect that much from people – an occasional comment now and then so that I know I’m not just talking to myself is always appreciated – and it’s wonderfully motivating to hear when someone has particularly enjoyed a tune. The final post on my public blog was born out of three years of frustration with folks who would come week after week, grab the music and yet would ‘never’ consider leaving a comment behind. You could give it some thought and if you decide that you’d like to check it out you could ask Kat if she’d send me your email address.


    • katry Says:

      Good Morning, Marie

      I dont have Birgit’s e-mail either so maybe she could send it to me (katry@comcast.net), and I’ll send it along.

      I think you’ll really enjoy the music.

    • Birgit Says:

      Thanks, Marie and Kat, I’ll gladly mail my e-address for your new blog when Kat is back from hospital. Meanwhile I try to find out, whether my email address prevents me from commenting on blogspot so I can choose a different address. The provider had spamming problems years ago and may be generally blocked.

  6. Hi Birgit,

    I forgot that you’ve had problems commenting on Blogger. A couple of years ago I also had difficulties until I realized that I was surfing the web with my security protection at High, rather than Medium High, so the necessary cookies were being blocked. That can’t be your problem, I guess, as you’re able to comment on WordPress.

    Anyway, I’ll be happy to send you an invite.


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