“Books and movies, they are not mere entertainment. They sustain me and help me cope with my real life.”

The house was winter cold this morning. I actually turned on the heat to warm it up. 61˚ is just too uncomfortable, and I refuse to dress in layers inside the house. My cousin in New Hampshire had snow. The weather has gone topsy-turvy. My sister in Colorado had her air conditioning blowing at full force. Hope, however, springs eternal. If the weatherman is right, tomorrow will be 68˚.

Turner Classic Movies has been my go to channel all weekend. World War II has been the subject of most of the films. Yesterday seemed to be submarine day. Today I get to go back to Bataan, and I just watched John Wayne, the captain of a German freighter, being chased by a British destroyer at the start of the war. Yup, John Wayne was a German, but a good German.

I do need to go out today and I fear the roads. It may not be raining but it is cloudy and damp. I suspect people will be looking for something to do, and they need to ride up and down the main roads to find it.

It’s time to decide my theme for summer movies. Last year it was movies made in Boston. This year I’d go with B science fiction, but I don’t think those movies would get a warm welcome from some members of my audience. July 4th is, of course, reserved for Jaws and Independence Day. I am not a fan of musicals so they’re out except for West Side Story. I’ve always liked that one. Westerns are also not among my favorites though She Wore a Yellow Ribbon is one I could watch, and there’s always Blazing Saddles which makes me think of a Mel Brooks medley of movies. Young Frankenstein always makes me laugh as does The Producers. I’m thinking to put them on the marquee. I love old movies, black and white movies, but they don’t have the best sound for the projector, too low for a couple of people.

For the first film of the season, whatever it is, we’ll have the red carpet and dinner, a deck dinner from the grill. I’ll put out my movie signs and get the popcorn ready. All I need is summer.


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  1. olof1 Says:

    I’d love both the B.sience fiction and the Mel Brooks theme. It’s only the latest Brooks movies I would avoid, they aren’t especially good to be honest. I liked To be or not to be a lot even if he didn’t direct it himself.

    Rather nice over here today, we had sunshine until around 12 and after that it has been mostly cloudy and very windy but warm and right now the rain started to fall. I’ve payed my bills and I’ve planted a Black Walnut tree so I think it has been a rather good day 🙂 Now I only have the laundry to do but I did some yesterday so it’s very little to be honest.

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      You would be a welcome visitor on my deck! I’d get to show all those movies we love!!

      I haven’t done a single thing all day. I’ve been avoiding going out, but once this movie is over, I will. It is still cloudy and dark. I’m waiting for tomorrow and the sun!!

  2. Bob Says:

    Greetings from Santiago Chile. My flight from Dallas on AA was two hours late departing last night. The good thing was that all the other flights from North America and Europe had arrived earlier and there was small lines in the immigration and customs. Here they X-ray all arriving bags. It’s cloudy and cool with the temperature about 40 degrees.

    Mel Brooks movies are my favorite. The original 1968 version of the Producers is my all time favorite comedy. Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder can’t be beat. Springtime for Hitler a musical comedy could only come from the twisted mind of Mel Brooks.

    Do you like Woody Allen movies? How about combining Brooks and Allen movies?

    • katry Says:

      I missed Santiago when I did my South American trek. It was too dangerous according to the US embassy. 40 is chilly! I wonder why they x-ray incoming bags.

      That movie makes me laugh right out loud. When I was on a three day boat trip down the Parana River from Ascunsion Paraguay to Buenos Aires, everyone spoke Spanish and only two people spoke English. That was the movie they showed. Luckily The Producers was in English with Spanish subtitles. I roared laughing!

      Yup, that’s a great suggestion. I am a Woody fan as well.

      • Bob Says:

        I assume they are looking for contraband entering their country. Today Chile is a democracy with a free enterprise economy and the place is booming. While waiting to board the plane I was chatting with a woman who has been coming here for over twenty years and she was defending General Pinochet’s dictatorship. I told her that no dictatorship is benign and can be defended regardless of seemingly economic good while they are torturing and killing those who oppose them. I guess she would defend Hitler because he made the trains run on time.

        Looking out from my hotel room, near the airport, I can see a new business park. My company is involved in a joint venture with LAN airlines which is a private company which is growing in South America.

        Woody has made so many great movies you might have to take two summers to see them all. I can’t decide between Hannah and her Sisters or Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex as my favorites. Of course Sleeper is right up there. Trying to pick out one favorite is like choosing your favorite kid -:)

      • katry Says:

        I ‘d have to go with Annie Hall followed by Sleeper. Woody Allen is great in both of them, but it is in Sleeper in make me laugh.

        I’m glad Chile is booming. Pinochet was one of the reasons the US consul in Peru warned us away from Chile. We went, instead, to Bolivia.

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I had gone out yesterday afternoon to do an errand and someone plowed into me in the parking lot. Rocky and I are fine. The jeep is dead. Whether it is permanently dead remains to be seen. Rocky and I sat around in a parking lot for an hour until the tow truck came and hauled us back home. We were thoroughly chilled from the rain, the wind and the entire experience. I turned on the heat and turned up the temperature. Warmth and snuggles were definitely required.

    Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein are two of my very favorite movies. I especially appreciated that Young Frankenstein was lovingly filmed in beautiful black and white.
    The Princess Bride is also one of my favorites as well as the English subtitled version of Shao-Lin Soccer. (The English dubbed version leaves out some very interesting plot details.) I don’t mind having to read subtitles. It less distracting than mouth movements that don’t match up with the sound track. 🙂
    Hmm… maybe I need to have a Red Dwarf marathon viewing session to lift my mood.
    It was sunny for a minute. I saw it. Now it’s dreary and dull again.
    Oh, well.
    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I’m glad you are both okay an am sorry for your jeep. That sucks. I’m also sorry you had to sit. That is the worst: in the cold, in a dead car (jeep here) not knowing when you’ll be rescued.

      Those two Mel Brooks’ movies are also my favorite with Young Frank being my all time favorite. The Princess Bride had been a favorite book of mine when the movie came out. I wasn’t expecting much, but I was wrong. It’s a great movie.

      Still dreary and dull here s well, and the Sox are losing.

  4. Birgit Says:

    I’m quite sure you would like Dreamship Surprise, a german Star Trek / Star Wars / SciFi movies parody, but apparently it’s not available in your language. Here is a short trailer with English subtitles:
    No summer here either, it’s cold, wet and ugly. I took the bike today, big mistake! Just watching the first Star Trek movie (V’ger, 1979) on TV, the world will survive once again.

    • katry Says:

      I passed that along to my sister. She’ll get chuckle out of it as well. I thought the taxi in it was a bit from the Bruce Willis scifi film The Fifth Element.

      That first Star Trek movie was just awful. I was surprised, bald but surprised, they made more, and they got better. The Voyage Home is one of my favorites. Yup, those Starfleet officers just keep saving the Earth!

  5. Erin Says:

    Snow melted. We are still planning on planting our vegetable garden tomorrow as it will get in the 60’s, but down to 38 at night. As long as it stays above freezing, should be smooth sailing after that.

    How about disaster flicks for a summer theme? Towering Inferno, Poseidon Adventure, Earthquake, Armageddon, Deep Impact, 2012, stuff like that. If I lived closer, I’d do the B movies with you, though! Jamie and I love them.

    Oh, and we put the heat on, too. It’s funny because we had just put in the air conditioners to get them off the deck! Brrrr!!!

    I’m already planning my route to Market Basket so that I can avoid the most tourists. We’ve been invaded as well. Wondering how they enjoyed the snow and ice last night? heh heh.


    • katry Says:

      I’m close to planting mine. I will shop at Agway this week, probably Thursday as my trunk has trash, and the dump is closed until Wednesday.

      That’s a great idea. We all love disasters. I’d have you over as my friends don’t like them. That’s why I’m a little dicy about choosing the films. I did All The President’s Men one summer, and of my two friends watching, one didn’t like it at all. We have very different tastes in movies. I’ll make a list and buy them used at E-Bay.

      I still have to go out-I keep avoiding it.

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