” A vegetable garden in the beginning looks so promising and then after all little by little it grows nothing but vegetables, nothing, nothing but vegetables.”

It rained during the night but not nearly enough. Most of it on the road has already dried. The day is damp but warm and quite still. I opened the windows upstairs and could smell freshly mowed grass. Dampness seems to accentuate smells, and my nose was filled with the sweet smell of that grass, the flowers in the front garden and an earthy smell of dirt.

I filled the feeders, including a suet feeder. When I was getting another cup of coffee, I looked out the kitchen window and saw a spawn eating the suet. I ran out yelling and scared the spawn away but only for a few minutes. It was back at the suet in no time and when I looked later, the suet had been finished off. That’s what I wish I could do to the spawn.

My backyard has what a real estate brochure might call rustic charm. All that means is I have done little to it except take down some dead pine trees. The yard is filled with leaves and pine needles and more pine trees. All around the perimeter is a path Gracie has made by running the yard. She runs next to the fence. Sometimes she runs around the yard, up one side of the deck and down the other. I think of the back as her yard. Near the deck are some lights, a bottle tree and decorations I put out every summer. I love looking down and seeing the lights in the yard and the fun decorations. New this year are two huge individual star lights and a largeΒ handmade bird my friends gave for Christmas. It is white with long orange legs and an orange peak. It will join the hula dancing bird, the wooden flowers, the white pot and the bowling pin.

My deck is still in winter mode. I have to make a list yet of what I need at the garden center. I know some pots broke during the winter, and I need herbs for the window boxes which fit over the deck rail. I also need flowers for about six different pots and a hanging pot of flowers, but all of that is just the start. The front garden needs a few more flowers, the herb garden looks empty and forlorn and my vegetable garden needs fence mending and plantings. It was such fun last summer to eat cucumbers and tomatoes I grew myself. This summer I’ll add a third vegetable yet to be determined. It will not be zucchini. That vegetable seems to reproduce itself and take over the world. The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is a movie that makes me laugh, but it would be more realistic (okay, maybe it will never be realistic, but I’m using poetic license here) if the vegetable was changed to zucchini. Anyone who grows it always seems to be giving it away, begging people to take some. I can easily imagine vines of zucchini wrapping around cars and houses and the feet of barking dogs.

It is definitely beginning to feel like spring around here.

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14 Comments on “” A vegetable garden in the beginning looks so promising and then after all little by little it grows nothing but vegetables, nothing, nothing but vegetables.””

  1. Birgit Says:

    Your post reminds me to watch Little Shop of Horrors again.
    Sunny spring day, high 60’s, the weather was perfect for a bike trip. Ascension Day is a pubic holiday over here and it’s also Fathers’ Day.
    Cherries, gooseberries and redcurrant berries already start to grow, both apple trees are in full bloom and the other berries will follow soon. No killer vegetables, just rhubarb and garlic, perhaps some potatoes later, I’m a lazy gardener.
    The hedgehog is awake after hibernation and sometimes a rabbit comes for a visit. The 3 blackbird chicks close to the house are growing fast and the parents are very busy feeding the hungry young.
    It’s definitely spring πŸ™‚

    • katry Says:

      I get it-flower to vegetable. Are you talking the remake or the original?

      I know Christer mentioned it is a holiday in Sweden too. It never would be here-church and state thing. I still wonder how they get away with Christmas though I suppose they’re could be the Santa argument. Father’s Day is in June, on a Sunday.

      You are way ahead of us in the growing season. Our leaves are out but not totally unfolded.

      A rabbit harasses Gracie. It sits outside the fence where Gracie can see it, just sits there driving Gracie crazy. I saw it last week in the next yard probably deciding where it will sit this year where it can be seen.

      I haven’t seen any babies yet but the Wildlife Center has a baby possum found in a yard. It was limping and the center thinks it was dropped by a predator and three baby fishers were in a log about to become sawdust when the guy heard a cry. He brought the fishers to the center, and they are being bottle fed so babies are all around.

  2. Bill S. Says:

    Rain here too today. I can’t go for a walk because I might get caught in a sudden downpour. Our forsythias and PJM rodies are in full bloom, as well as tulips, daffs, etc. Last week we spread 8 yards of mulch, so now we have only the vegetable garden to do. We will probably do just tomatoes again. We used to have broccolli, cabbage, squash. etc., but tomatoes do best, and the others are cheap enough in the store.

    Last Saturday I removed the pool cover, and the granddaughters dared each other to jump in. It was 54 degrees, so they immediately got out.

    How is your back since your doctor visit last week?

    • katry Says:

      The clouds disappeared, and we had sun all afternoon. It turned into a warm, nice day. My forsythias are almost green now and the tulips have gone by. White flowers in the garden are in bloom-I have no idea what they are as are the violets. I love tomatoes from the garden.

      Just jumping in to 54˚ has my applause!

      I am seeing a neurologist next for the back. The scan saw additional damage and arthritis in the spine, but I have had some good days lately-have even been able to stand up straight. The problem is when I do something that means up and down like changing the bed, the pain starts. I think I am just getting old!!

  3. olof1 Says:

    It has been raining on and off all day here but it’s nice and warm so I don’t mind, I worked today even if it’s a holiday, we swapped days so I’ll stay at home tomorrow instead. We just had to much to do at work so we couldn’t take two days of from work this time.

    I love the sound the killer tomatoes do πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Nova is in a bad shape right now, I left a happy running dog this morning and came home to a dog that barely could walk?! I think it’s something with her back and all vets I called when I canme home said I shoud wait untill tomorrow to see if there’s any change. She’s a tiny bit better now this evening so I have good hopes that she’ll be able to follow us on our morning walk tomorrow, even if it will be very short.

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      I remember you saying you wanted tomorrow off instead of today. I too would have preferred a long weekend rather than a day off then back to work.

      That is a hoot of a movie.

      I hope there is nothing badly wrong with Nova. We have emergency vets who cost an arm and a leg, but I never hesitate when it comes to the animals. With me, I put off the doctor but never with my furry family. Let me know what’s going on tomorrow. Maybe no walk for her.

      I’m hoping it is a small easily fixed something!!

      Have a great day off tomorrow!!

      • olof1 Says:

        She is much better this morning, still a bit wobbly but can walk down those three steps outside the kitchen door.
        I too can put of the doctor but never the vet πŸ™‚ The problem is that we do have a vet hospital here but it has such bad reputation (and has already been bankrupt once some months ago) that I rather not go there. The rest of the bigger animal hospitals are rather far away, over 120km (100 miles?)
        But it seems I did the right thing waiting until today, now she has eaten as well and is wagging her tail too πŸ™‚


      • katry Says:

        Could she have been bitten by something? Wagging her tail is a great sign. Glad she is better!

  4. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    It was mostly gloomy here today. It rained last night and then scowled all morning. It rained in the early afternoon and scowled some but with a hint of sunshine. Now it’s grumbling thunder.
    My yard is au naturel. The lawn is grass and other things some of which have pretty flowers and are not dandelions. πŸ™‚ The shrubbery is whatever the birds have planted which means mostly bittersweet, vicious roses and grapes. There are several large black walnut trees over all. During the summer there are large pokeweeds, sprinklings of buttercups, hawkweed and plantain as well as brook lobelia and bitter nightshade. This stuff all grows wherever it wants without any help from me and that’s how I like it. πŸ™‚
    Enjoy the evening. I think I’m about to have a light show.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      We had one giant clap of thunder, but i went to Chatham and don’t know if it rained here or not. It had already rained in Chatham. I missed it.

      The front is well-tended and there re plenty of flowers. I like it that way. For the longest time it was mud, not even grass, and no flowers. The back is Gracie’s domain so I don’t mind anything. Lilies of the valley and violets are growing: both came from my mother’s house so they carry special sentiment.

      Just got home from trivia. It was a fun night!

      Enjoy your evening.

  5. Bob Says:

    It’s May and it rained quite a lot today and it’s forecast to rain on and off tonight. We need the rain to prevent another summer of draught conditions like we had last year. I would love to grow and then eat my own heirloom tomatoes. The ones from the grocery store have little flavor. I heard a story on NPR that commercial tomatoes have lost their flavor because they have been genetically engineered to grow the same size and round shape for easy shipping. Of course with my luck my home grown variety will either die because I suffer from purple thumb syndrome, or the dog will urinate on them or the insects will devour them before they are ripe and I have an opportunity to enjoy them πŸ™‚

    • katry Says:

      I’m glad you have rain as I remember how dry your summers are. I hope you have a lot of rain this year.

      I think tomatoes just need water: at least mine did, and they were delicious. Nothing is better than homegrown tomatoes. At the height of the season, people sell them at tables outside their houses. I alway stop and buy some.

      Give it a try!!

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