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  1. Kat Says:

    Yakov Smirnoff quote

    • Ted Says:

      Was Yakov Smirnoff the guy who said something like, “You know, when I came to America I saw great things like ‘powdered milk’—just add water and you have instant milk! And ‘powdered orange juice’—add water and you have orange juice! And then I saw a product called ‘BABY POWDER’ and I said to myself, ‘WHAT A COUNTRY!.'”

      • Kat Says:

        I didn’t know but I did find it. You are correct!

        I got a chuckle out of that quote!!

  2. Love this quote!

  3. minicapt Says:

    And then …


    • Kat Says:

      That was really interesting. I have no doubt there existed that underground railway. It was a safeguard I suspect in case of revolution yet again.

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