“I see great things in baseball.”

Easter was wonderful. The sun was shining the whole day in celebration. Dinner was perfect. Our table was at a window overlooking the water. Just for the fun of it, we brought a light up bunny from the Easter basket to decorate the table. Miss Bunny was pink with flowered fabric hands and ears, a lace collar and lights which blinked and she was quite the conversation piece. People pointed and laughed and chatted with us about our dinner guest. We took Miss Bunny’s picture as a memento of her big day. We each had a few drinks, generous drinks, and the food was delicious. My plate was empty with only a bit of gravy to prove there had been a dinner. The restaurant was totally filled, but we had a favorite couple seated near us. They were old, and the wife had to help her husband sit down. She was wearing a bright yellow spring coat and the best hat ever, round and flowered. I took a picture as she was taking it off at the table-the woman is smiling from ear to ear. They ordered martinis, and I liked that couple even more. After dinner, over dessert, we all agreed we loved our Easter tradition of dinner at the Ocean House.

Today is baseball’s opening day. Last year my Sox were in last place at the end of the season so any other place would be an improvement. The game is against the Yankees and starts at 1. I’ll wear my Red Sox sweatshirt and cheer like crazy. I am an eternal optimist. The Globe has been filled with articles discussing this year’s team and the toxicity of last year’s. Jackie Bradley Jr. is 23 and never got as high as Triple A, but he’s going to be in left field today and is, “Ready to start the adventure.” You have to love a baseball player who still thinks of baseball as a game, an adventure, and not a business. His fiancé and his parents will be at the game to watch his debut. Welcome to Boston, Jackie!

I remember the baseball of my childhood. It was when baseball sang of summer, of pick-up games in fields, of the whack of the wooden bats and the taunting from the outfield, “No Batter, no batter.” Baseball was seldom complicated: three up, three down and nine innings or less if we got hot, tired or thirsty. We shared gloves so everyone would have one. We only had one ball, and if it got lost, the game was halted while we all hunted for it in the tall grass beside the field. Bases were whatever we could find, and we’d pace out the distance between them one sneaker heel to toe to the other. We didn’t have umpires, and we’d get impatient at batters who stayed in the box far too long. Safe or out at one of the bases often became an argument, but not a serious argument, and we always settle it fairly so the game could continue. Baseball was easy to love when we were kids.

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  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Your Easter dinner, with special guest appearance by E. Bunny, sounds wonderful. I covet the yellow coat. I look horrid in yellow but I love the color anyway and would definitely wear it, if it fit. 🙂
    Rocky and I had roast pork for Easter dinner. His plate was mostly dog kibble with roast pork juice over it. He licked the plate clean. 🙂 My plate also had roasted asparagus and carrots. Nice spring colors. Rocky licked that plate, too. 🙂

    Our ball field was the empty lot across the street. I don’t remember what the bases were. Probably sticks or rocks. If the ball went over the privet hedge into Flannigan’s yard, it was a home run. The older kids usually stuck us littles in the peanut gallery but sometimes we were allowed to play.

    Today is sunny and a little cool. I’ve fed the birds and paid some bills. Nothing much left that must be done.

    Enjoy your ball game. Hope the Red Sox do better this year.

    • Kat Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I look ill in yellow but that lady looked great, but it was really the hat which was the perfect Easter accessory.

      I love roast pork, and, like you, I usually share with Gracie. She is also a clean plate licker. The perfect vegetables!

      We had a couple of fields at the end of the street, and we’d play there. Rocks were common bases for us. We were the older kids at ten or eleven. The little kids didn’t seem to enjoy playing as much as we did.

      The day started out warm than got chilly as the day went on. Now, with the sun gone behind a cloud, the day is actually cold.

      The Sox won!!

  2. Hedley Says:

    And off to Minnesota go the Detroit Tigers. Mr Verlander is going to enjoy a temperature range of 25F to 35F. Bengal wear was a dominant theme at the Detroit Zoo on Saturday. I guess the community is looking forward to the arrival of the new season.

    The Prince has size and hits for power, so we are waiting anxiously for the start of his new season. Uncle Eric is on the count down to the 25th and the family will be shipping out a couple of days early. We will be having an NFL Draft party that evening and waiting anxiously to see if Eric is available to the Lions – we dont think so, but hey we are a little biased.

    Chelsea beat Manchester United today to knock them out of the FA Cup. I had a bet with a young friend of mine at the beginning of the season that United would not win two trophies – I owed him an authentic jersey if they did and he is required to detail my car if they failed. As his brother said this morning as my victory was secured, it is a shame that I do not own a Hummer. We will set out deck chairs, serve beer to his family members and enjoy watching my young chum remove all elements of a Michigan Winter from my American car.

    • Kat Says:

      My Dear Hedley,

      The Sox were at Yankee Stadium and very handily slew the dragons. It was a great way to start the season, with a win for a change. It was so windy at the park that debris was floating all around the field, and in the 9th, it started to rain.

      Ryder is a mutli-sports guy but seems to enjoy soccer the most, genetic I suspect. I too will be keeping my eye on the draft to see where Uncle Eric goes.

      That’s a bit of salt on the wounds: setting out deck chairs and watching, but you did earn the right.

      • Hedley Says:

        And Mr Verlander wins in 34F weather and away we go. A save for Coke.

        Lots of excitement for Eric Fisher. The Prince has no sense of celebrity but will certainly know who is sitting in the Green Room with his Uncle.

      • Kat Says:

        Win for Lester: loss for the Yankees. Happy dance for us!

        The Prince will see his Uncle Eric on TV playing football, and he will learn about celebrity!

  3. Birgit Says:

    Easter isn’t over, we have a second Easter holiday today. And sun. Almost spring 🙂
    Enjoy the game! Though according to Peanuts’ Charlie Brown (my sole baseball knowledge source) it must be a very depressing game 😉

    • Kat Says:

      What is the second holiday called? Sun? Finally, no snow!!

      The way poor Charlie Brown plays it makes for a depressing game. The Sox were depressing last year-I am hoping for more this year.

      • Birgit Says:

        The holiday is just called Easter Monday, no special name for it. We and a lot of other people used the sunny day for the usual Easter walk, which is traditionally on Easter Sunday. The Easter walk was already mentioned by Goethe centuries ago. I even saw a tiny spring flower or two.

      • Kat Says:

        Thanks, Birgit

        I like that extra day. It has no expectations like Easter, and you can just take your time and enjoy the day.

        Spring flowers poking out of the snow?

      • Birgit Says:

        Yesterdays snow didn’t stay, just some white spots are left. It’s still too cold, but spring will come. As a sign of hope I started spring cleaning on my computer. Linux is great as long as you don’t change the system 😉 Well, as you see I have internet access again, but your page looks still different. Lots of work to do and probably not much sleep tonight.

      • Kat Says:

        I’m glad that spring is finally coming but not sure I’d add spring cleaning to the list yet, even for my computer.

        Good luck with that!

  4. olof1 Says:

    I’m daring enough to say that we’ve had our first spring day overe here 🙂 The weather has been just wonderful with sunshine and very little but warm winds 🙂

    I don’t think I’ve ever had any Easter traditions. I wonder why because there are lots of traditions around Christmas and Midsummer. Well buying myself candy of course but I don’t count that.

    Young soccer playesr also think it’s a game and not business 🙂 To bad that they have to learn that the hard way.

    We never played baseball when I was a kid but we have a similar game called brännboll, burnig ball is the best translation I think. Instead of getting burned by the base we have one person we all throw the ball to and if that person get the ball before anyone stops at the base that person is burned and out of tne game. Lots of fun and often played on summer parties 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • Kat Says:

      I am so glad spring is finally finding you. Your pictures with all the snow always look like winter to me.

      Easter baskets, egg hunts, coloring Easter eggs and new clothes are the traditions we all grew up with: the rest each family develops for themselves. My friends and I have dinner out at the same place as one of ours.

      Your game has some similarities to baseball because if you don’t get to the base before the ball, you’re out. I like burned as it sounds more dramatic.

  5. Bob Says:

    Your Red Sox may have finished last year in the basement of the American League East, but my Texas Rangers were defeated by the Houston Astros by a score of 8 to 2. The entire payroll of the Houston team is about what the Rangers pay their infield players. Since free agency it’s hard to build a dynasty these days. The once powerful hitting Rangers didn’t get an extra base hit last night. A team who’s entire payroll is 24 million dollars can beat any other team on any given night. Now there are only another 161 games to play in the regular season. The Rangers will get a chance to win some of those games against their cross state rival eighteen more times this year.

    When I was kid in New York we played stick ball. It was baseball on the street. We used a sawed off broom handle for a bat and a rubber pink ball. Home plate and second base were man hole covers and first and third were parked car front tires. Later I tried to play little league ball but was not good enough to even play right field. Instead I was always picked last or played left out. Regardless, I still love the game. It’s the only team sport where the defense starts the play and holds the ball. It’s not defined by a clock and never ends in a tie or requires a shoot out.

    April 12th is the premier of the movie “42”. I can’t wait to see it because as a kid Jackie Robinson was my favorite Dodger player. The other night on PBS they showed a program celebrating the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park. In that program they stated that the Red Sox gave Jackie Robinson a tryout in Fenway in 1945, but they were not serious about breaking the color barrier. Imagine Ted Williams and Jackie Robinson on the same team and imagine how many championships they might have won. The Red Sox have the distinction as being the last team in baseball to integrate. Tom Yawkey the owner was a rabid racist. They also reported that during the 40s and 50s there were no black people even working at Fenway Park. Maybe it took them 70 years to win a World Series not because of the curse of the bambino, but the curse of being run by a racist organization in a changing world.

    • Kat Says:

      Some teams have plenty of money and go out and lure all of the top free agents. The Sox had money to burn having gotten rid of some high money players, but they didn’t bid big for any players. Lots of new names on their team this year including a starting 23 year old left fielder who played Double A last year but hit over 400 in spring training.

      The Sox were the last pre-expension team to break the color barrier, and that wasn’t until 1959 so no way would they have hired Jackie. That would have been an amazing duo: Williams and Robinson!!

      I know Yawkey has been accused of being a racist but I think rabid is a bit much. There were Black players in the farm system in the 50’s; they just didn’t make it to the big club mostly because of Yawkey.

      • Bob Says:

        Anyone who had talented black players in the minors all those years who could have helped them win is as rabid a racist as you can get. It’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face 🙁

        One of my fondest memories of Fenway was eating a Fenway Frank. Where in the world do they get those buns? I have never seen hot dog buns without a crust except along the top where the split holds the frank. I was amazed that the hot dog vendor in the TV show assembled the franks in the stands from his carrier. In Arlington the dogs are in the regular style buns pre wrapped in foil when sold by vendors. There are only two real ball parks remaining, Fenway and Wrigley. I have seen the green monster and now I want to see the Ivy covered wall on the North Side of Chicago.

      • Kat Says:

        I love Fenway Park. The owners renovated and added seats without losing the integrity of the park. You can’t sit any closer to the action than you can at Fenway.

        I just eat the franks! Nothing tastes better than a frank at the ball park!

  6. gomerfudd Says:

    Ah the Ocean House! Been there a couple of times, very nice place and some of the nicest people go there. I’m glad its still alive.


    And yes, baseball, as a kid was very enjoyable.

    • katry Says:

      It is still beautiful, newly painted during the winter. The entire place was filled for Easter Sunday dinner. It is also quite expensive, over $300.00 for the 3 of us.

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