Peter Cottontail: Gene Autry

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15 Comments on “Peter Cottontail: Gene Autry”

  1. GnuFool Says:

    when I think of Easter,this is always the song that comes to mind.

  2. Spaceman Says:

    Autry was a quite competent singer.

    • Kat Says:

      Yes, he was on so many different songs. He has the best all time Christmas and Easter songs plus all those great western songs.

  3. Bubba Says:

    hadn’t heard this song in years.Thanks

  4. Elmer Fuddy Says:

    I remember those hollow chocolate easter bunnies you’d get. I would eat the ears off 1st.

  5. Morpfy Says:

    As Elmer said, I too would eat the ears first.and I loved those marshmellow PEEPS too/.

    • Kat Says:

      I love Peeps, but I love them hard, stale. When I was in Ghana, they came months after being sent, and they were hard as rocks, and that’s how I like them now.

  6. Morpfy Says:

    • Kat Says:

      I can’t imagine how long it took to do this. The Peeps were used perfectly, like the characters in the movie. It was such fun to watch!

  7. Morpfy Says:

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