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  1. L.P. Hartley quote

  2. Bob Says:

    The phone booth reminds me of the “Orgasmatron” from the Woody Allen movie, Sleeper. By the way “Ma Bell” is also a relic of history.

  3. Morpfy Says:

    Supermans humble begiinings.Ironic though,no one saw him changing into his costume in a glass phone booth?

    • Morpfy,
      When I was a kid, I never thought about that but I did when I was older.

      • Bob Says:

        Yet another example of the suspension of disbelief. Why not the guy could fly. I was always amazed that Lois Lane could never figure out that Clark Kent was Superman.

      • Bob,
        I believed anything could happen when i was young, even that Lois did not recognize Clark. Life was so much easier and brighter then.

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