For Lovin’ Me: My Favorite Trio

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3 Comments on “For Lovin’ Me: My Favorite Trio”

  1. Vintage Spins Says:

    Seems that “he” learned his lessons well from his money-grubbing manager, Albert Grossman. It’s disheartening to me that someone from that particular ’60s scene would go after someone for posting a single song. How undignified!

    • Marie,
      I was a bit shocked when it happened. I guess the Stookmeister (as Hedley calls him) didn’t need the exposure as much as the money. We ended up with a huge correspondence as his robot-cop notified him that after I erased the song, I had left the title and written on the blog what had happened. All of the comments about the incident were massively negative. The Stookmeister went back to see the comments. He finally said I could post 30 seconds of his song. I thanked him and said no.

      I now take no chances with him or the trio though that he hasn’t complained about. Paul, on the other hand, never wrote for me to take his music down.

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