When Irish Eyes Are Smiling: Bing Crosby

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4 Comments on “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling: Bing Crosby”

  1. MT C Says:

    Yes, I know, I’m again a day late as it is the 18th. But TECHNICALLY it is still the 17th somewhere. At least for a few more hours.

    I always like to sing along with Bing. He is one who will be remembered and appreciated forever. At least I hope he is. Cannuck

    • MT C Says:

      Part of my comment was eaten (published) before I was ready. Must have hit the wrong button or something. I’m claiming infirmity!

      I was trying to post something about the Can-Irish and how it should be recognized as part and parcel of the homeland. On the 17 of the 3rd month, anyway. Lots of us like to get involved and that needs to be known (if it legal, that is!)

      Here it is not recognized as a Muslim holiday, nor is green beer, or any beer for that matter. And the only corned beef available comes in cans and is looked upon as a ‘low’ food. Fortunately, W has base shopping privileges and snagged a nice one. Even though commercial it was way better than the canned thing I had in mind. Now if I could only figure a way to get descent spuds and some recognizable cabbage…


      • Carl,
        I do that as well, but I have control so I get to zap my mistakes. I also do it on Facebook then I have to explain the odd entry.

        I always post this Bing song on St. Patrick’s day. It is just such a neat tradition.

        Few places celebrate St. Patrick’s day, but at least you did get some corned beef. We used to buy it in cans once in a while in Ghana but it wasn’t very good, just a change in the menu. I love cabbage and buy a small one periodically just to have as a vegetable. I didn’t know people could live without potatoes (my father would have said no one can!).

        Our dinner was perfect. We all wore green, and I made mint chocolate ice cream colored a disgusting green for the occasion.

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