Boots of Spanish Leather: Bob Dylan

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7 Comments on “Boots of Spanish Leather: Bob Dylan”

  1. Isn’t this a beautiful song? When people apply the words “genius” or “iconic” to 20th century popular music performers, I almost always roll my eyes and grit my teeth (honestly, the extent to which those words are bandied about these days), but in the case of our Mr. Dylan they’re certainly apropos!


    P.S. Kat, my private blog is under construction. Is your email address still as listed under your profile? (Blogger sends out the invites.) The lack of feedback or comments on my public blogs has always been a disappointment to me when running my public versions.

    • Marie,
      I am such a Dylan fan! I’d play his Greatest Hits in the car and sing along for all I am worth, out of tune of course, but it didn’t matter. I find so many of his songs beautiful, and I agree this is one of them.

      My e-mail address is still the same, and I am excited to see the new blog!!

    • Hedley Says:

      Perhaps rather strangely, when I hear this song I think of Dylan’s “When I paint my masterpiece” with its references to Spanish stairs. A oblique I know but I prefer Masterpeice to Boots.

  2. Sorry for the repetition there – I usually proofread, but am in a rush today! 😉


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