Mbube (The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Original Version): Solomon Linda

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5 Comments on “Mbube (The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Original Version): Solomon Linda”

  1. Birgit Says:

    The lion song is so familiar like it’s been around forever, I didn’t know that an original version exists.
    I’m looking forward to a long weekend in the Netherlands, the European Barbershop Music Convention has started and we participate in the chorus competition. No singing Russian grannies are expected but lots of Swedes and Brits.

    • Birgit,
      Solomon Linda was a South African who wrote this song in 1939. The Weavers, who got the song from Alan Lomax, changed the name to Wimoweh, and it was a hit for them. The Kingston Trio also recorded it under that name. In 1961 it was rewritten for The Tokens and retitled The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

      It wouldn’t be under long after his death that his family received any money for the use of the song.

      Have a really great trip. I envy you! I love The Netherlands. I think I’d miss the Russian grannies!

  2. minicapt Says:

    Unfortunately, his sequel “The Lion Eats Today” was never completed.


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