Tulsa Time: Don Williams

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  1. Spaceman Says:

  2. Spaceman Says:

    His brother, Lefty, is much better well known. And Shelly lays claim to a solid gold country tune;

    • Spaceman,
      Remember I’m playing catch up here. It was only a short time ago I started listening to country music. My friend Pete started sending me selective music to ease me into it. All my life, before that, I had said I hated country. Can’t say that now!!

  3. Spaceman Says:

    Oh, I was a rocker growing up. Like a lot of the same stuff you do. Had a gf in college who introduced me to folk (cause she played and sang it really well) and still fond of it. Was quite a bit older till started appreciating country & bluegrass & celtic. Like folk, it’s often lightly instrumented so one can enjoy the simple beauty of the vocals and music.

    But sometimes, the heck with that stuff and give some B-52s

    • Spaceman,
      Folk was the first music to which I took great interest: bought all the albums and tried to learn to play the guitar. But I was a 60’s, early 70’s lover of rock and they are still among my favorites.

      Rockabilly caught me first and I still love listening to it. I guess country was a natural next.

      But give me a good 60’s rock! Thanks!!

  4. Spaceman Says:

    Then – here’s a night night song; nos vemos

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