“I didn’t know that the world could be so mind-blowingly beautiful.”

The sky is so blue it defies description. The sun is shining brightly, but it’s not enough. The day is still cold. A breeze, maybe even enough to be called a wind, is keeping the warmth at bay. Spring is always late to Cape Cod, and I know that wind which seems to blow most days is to blame.

My garden has more buds and even has some flowers, but the pile of snow by the driveway has only melted a little. I think it’s winter’s way of reminding us that it still holds sway. Last night we had a snow shower.

The garden centers are still empty.

Today Gracie has a well dog visit at the vets. Next week I have my annual physical. I have a feeling Gracie will do better than I. She eats better food, has more exercise and stays away from sweets. She gets checked for heart worm. I get checked for cholesterol. I’d rather be checked for heart worm. I stand a better chance of a low number.

I always watch The Amazing Race. I love to see the countries they visit. On this race they have already been to Bora Bora and are now in New Zealand, two strikingly beautiful countries. I’ve watched the program so many years I know what the teams can expect though I don’t know the specific tasks. I know swimming is probably involved as is driving a car with a shift. Heights too often come into play. If I know that, why don’t all the teams? On most races there is at least one team member who can’t swim or is afraid of heights or doesn’t know how to drive a shift. On this race, a team of brothers didn’t know how to swim. One of the first tasks was, of course, in the water. They were eliminated that week. Last night driving was involved: one member of a team had only a couple of lessons driving a shift. Her car stalled and you could hear her grinding the gears, but she did finally manage the task after several tries. I’m too old for The Amazing Race. It is a younger person’s race and most of the older couples are eliminated fairly early, but I do have a job in mind. I want to be that person who goes from country to country setting up the tasks and planning each leg. I was born for that job!

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29 Comments on ““I didn’t know that the world could be so mind-blowingly beautiful.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    I might have been suffering with PPS (Post Prince Syndrome) but I didnt really come to grips with AR last night. New Zealand is a great destination . I hope that they dont ask the teams to swim off Muriwai Beach

    Meanwhile, back in Bradford, a small time fence has been arrested and turned in by (a rather porky) Batman ! How do you explain that when you go inside ? “I got done by a fat Batman” has no street cred.


    Only Fools and Horses I guess.

    • My Dear Hedley,
      The views of New Zealand were mouth dropping spectacular. No swimming there so far: it was in Bora Bora.

      That story gave me a chuckle!

    • olof1 Says:

      🙂 🙂 🙂 Wonderful!

      They must have known each other otherwise why would he follow that rather chubby Batman 🙂

      Nice to see some BBC news again 🙂

      • Hedley Says:

        I like to think that he took the bus ! I am sure that Fat Batman likes to ride on the top. “Fare for two please”

        If they did know each other, why would he have accepted being arrested ?

        Yes, the BBC rules 🙂

      • olof1 Says:

        He might have been drunk 🙂 🙂 🙂
        By the way, if I translate the swedish name for Batman ( Läderlappen) it becomes The Leather Patch 🙂 🙂 🙂 If I’ve learned my lesson right Läderlapp is actually an ancient name for bats but that could just as well be a myth.

      • Christer,
        That would be cool thatBatman is actually Swedish!

  2. olof1 Says:

    I’ve heard that New Zealand is as beautiful as Norway so it must be breathtaking! Well they have volcanos in New Zealand something theuý don’t have in Norway.

    I do like to watch the Amazing Race too but one never knows when channel six decides to show them or what year they show either :-)It’s really a crappy channel but they do show some fun and/or good programs every now and again.

    Mostly sunny here today but clouds showed up as soon as we left work ;:-)

    Have a great day!

    • Christer,
      The last Lord of the Rings had that scene with the fires being lit mountain top to mountain top. That was in New Zealand. That scene in the movie is, for me, one of the most beautiful of all.

      The Amazing Race is something I look forward to every week.

      The sun has gone from here!

  3. Birgit Says:

    No Amazing Race, no heart worms (I hope), no batmen (as far as I know), but the very first spring day 🙂

  4. im6 Says:

    I’m a huge Amazing Race fan and lament the fact that I, too, am too old for it (or for any chance of winning, at least!). But I don’t know that I’d want to be one of the behind-the-scenes people. It’s almost as much (maybe more) work as being a team member. Did you know they run the entire race in only 3 weeks? Phil has said it can be a scheduling nightmare when one team comes in way behind the others because he and the crew still have to get to the next destination to set up. So far this year, I’m rooting for the father-son team, but it doesn’t look good for them. Amazingly, this year there’s not one team I positively can’t stand (as is usually the case), but I was glad to see the doctors go for the very reason you mentioned. Learn. To. Swim. Duh! Oh, and read the clues. How obvious is that?

    • im6,
      I want to be the person who goes ahead to set things up for each leg, not the crew which follows. I thought it was 29 days but it could just as well be the 3 weeks you mentioned.

      I am not fond of the newly married couple. When they used their fake smiles and fake friendliness and were proud they carried it off, they lost me. Last night she was, “I told you so,” too many times.

      I feel bad about the father and son team too. I hope if they have to drop out they get another chance.

      A long while back a team from the school where IO taught were on. They were the first team to go.

      The web site used to have the Elimination Station where the teams waited it out until the end of the race.You could watch the teams arriving, what they did and where they went. One house was right on the water in Thailand. They don’t show that anymore which is too bad. My sister said she’d be happy to be eliminated so she could stay at one of those places.

  5. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    At least you have buds. There is nothing here that looks like spring. All is brown leaves, mud or muddy snow.
    The day is partly sunny but a cold wind makes it not so nice to be out. So I haven’t been out. 🙂 Well, I filled the bird feeder, took a couple of photographs and then went right back inside where it was warm. Rocky was right behind me.
    Enjoy the evening.

    • Hi Caryn,
      The flowers which have bloomed are white, and I can’t wait to see what the yellows ones are.

      I finished with Gracie’s well dog visit: it was $368.00. My next pets will be fish. The vet did say she looked great and to keep doing what I’m doing.

      Tomorrow is go to CVS and fill the feeders day. It sounds like a full day to me!!

      Have a great evening.

  6. Bob Says:

    The Amazing Race is the only reality show I watch. Like you I would love to be the advance person who sets up everything. The show is really a travelog with stunts. This season I haven’t picked a favorite team. I am curious to see how the father competes with a blown Achilles tendon and his foot in a boot. If I get so much as a hang nail it becomes a 911 type of medical emergency 🙂 I was amazed that the two doctors were eliminated so quickly in a swimming road block. It was a shock to me when I found out that many African Americans do not know how to swim. There is a free program here designed to teach black adults how to swim. Those guys were gynecologists who one would think had mastered basic swimming skills during their studies.

    I am also due for a physical, but I hate going. The doctor always finds some type of test which I have not been suffered through that involves either needles or pain 🙁

    Men probably would live even longer if we went to our physicians as regularly as woman. Of course woman go because of their obvious reproductive requirements. The only reproductive requirement of men is finding woman who will participate with them in reproductive activities 🙂

    • Bob,
      That is also the only one I watch. I haven’t yet picked my favorite team wither, but I also liked the father and son but this will put them out of the race I think because of too many physical tasks. I don’t get the connection between gynecology and swimming. I would have thought medical school took up all their time with little room for lessons at the Y. My mother and her sisters never learned to swim. They lived in the city and never had an place to learn. When she was an adult, my mother started to take lessons but was afraid of the water and stopped.

      The physical is the second to the last of all my appointments. The last one is the eye doctor. I know I need stronger glasses. I have seen the dentist, my cardiologist and urologist. I’m good to go for a while.

      Women go because they recognize the value of regular medical care. My mother’s generations didn’t and hers was the last to be afraid of going to the doctor’s. My sisters and I go and only one of them has children. Going has to do with staying healthy.

      My brother doesn’t even go to the dentist for teeth cleaning and check ups. Makes no sense to me.

      • Bob Says:

        I would think that if you are a doctor you might learn to swim. Today we topped out at 88 degrees. A cold front is on the way tonight and the high temperature tomorrow will be in the 50s.

      • Bob,
        I guess I still don’t get it about doctors needing to swim especially if you live in a city with no rivers or oceans.

        WOW!! 88 is mid-August maybe for us. That is just too hot for this time of year. Your cold front is our warm front for this time of year.

  7. Cuidado Says:

    I watch Amazing Race too but have not yet this new season. My youngest son’s girlfriend and her best friend have given an application video for Amazing Race Canada. Only thing is they do the entire race in Canada, not the world. I’ve managed to link the video:

    • Cuidado,
      I went to the video but it said not found for some strange reason. Maybe it was because the Mac had to use Quicktime to display it.

      I love the idea of the amazing race just in Canada. I once thought I’d do one for my friends down here then have a party afterwards. None of the legs would be too strenuous or I’d lose most of my friends!

  8. Cuidado,
    Let us know if they get on, please.

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