“I am an omnivorous reader with a strangely retentive memory for trifles.”

Snow is lightly falling and has been all morning, but I doubt it will amount to much. When I went to get the papers, I almost fell as I didn’t see the ice hidden under the new snow. The ice is from the snow of a couple of nights ago which melted during the day yesterday but froze when the temperature dropped in the darkness of the late afternoon. How I didn’t fall is a mystery. I am a faller, a tripper, a down on my butt person so saving myself  is new to me, a miracle of sorts.

I’m feeling so much better that it was a busy day for me yesterday. I filled the feeders, watered plants, put laundry away, swept the kitchen floor, took down the wreaths and took off all their ornaments to save for next year and even made my bed.

We had a mouse yesterday, the first in a few days. When I went to bed, it was in the trap so Gracie and I did a midnight run. It was cold, really cold, but I decided not to leave the mouse in the trap all night. I know the mouse has to be let free over a mile away so its loses its homing instinct so Gracie and I drove to our usual spot. When I opened the trap, that mouse took off like a shot. Some mice have to be shaken a few times before I can get them out of the trap, but not this one. It was out and running. I left it at a spot where a few of the other mice have been freed. I have this vision, like Mole’s little home in The Wind in the Willows, where the other mice invite the new one into their homes where the fire is warming, the chair comfy and the bread and cheese is on the table. I know. I know. My imagination has gone amok!

I always wonder how I know some things. I probably read or heard them and my mind just put them away in my memory drawers for later use. At trivia one night the question was which cartoon character was introduced in the comic strip Thimble Theater in 1929. I said Popeye. Not one person on my team accepted my answer. They discussed it among themselves without any consideration that I might be right though I did offer Popeye one more time, but it was as if I had said nothing. They agreed on some other answer and turned it in. The correct answer was Popeye. They blamed me for the wrong answer saying I should have been more insistent.

In the crossword puzzle today the clue was ______Novo. I , of course, filled in Porto. That was easy. It is a city in Benin which used to be Dahomey when I lived in Africa. That’s one of the weird facts for which I know the origin. Thimble Theater still escapes me.

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32 Comments on ““I am an omnivorous reader with a strangely retentive memory for trifles.””

  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    A very large part of my brain is labeled Million Unrelated Facts. They pop out at odd moments. Sometimes they even pop out in French because that is how I learned them. Like you, I hear or read and it gets filed away in that big unorganized MUF file.
    One time a friend and I were talking about the movie Good Morning Vietnam. He had sometimes carried the radio in that war. I said I didn’t know you could hear that on the PRC 25. He laughed and said you couldn’t but he thought it was scary that I knew what a PRC 25 was. I couldn’t remember where I picked that up but what was scarier was that I knew it weighed 26 pounds with the battery. Read it somewhere and filed it away.

    No snow here but it’s grey and cold. Even Rocky doesn’t want to stay outside very long. He runs back inside, tosses a few toys around for a minute and then curls up on the couch again. I think that’s a good idea.

    Enjoy the day.

    • Kat Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      Peapod just came, and the mere fact he hauled it all in made me quite happy!! I will not grace Stop and Shop too often anymore!!!

      See what useless information we process and keep. The big stuff drifts away, but the little stuff stays and stays.

      Still tiny snow here; the same all morning. It is really cold out so Gracie’s door is shut. She’ll have to ring her bells if she wants out.

      The two cats are each on one end of the tip of the living room couch sleeping and Gracie is in here with me. I’m the nly one still awake!

      Lots of catalogues to keep me busy!!

      • Caryn Says:

        Yes, I really like that lugging in feature, too. Drops it right in front of my refrigerator. Lovely!
        Save all the plastic bags. They take them back for recycling the next time they deliver. Always assuming you remember to give them to him which I have seem to have trouble doing. 😀

      • katry Says:

        Thanks on the plastic bags. I was amazed at how many there were. I always used the cloth ones so I had no idea what I’d do with the ones he brought.

  2. olof1 Says:

    I almost fell this morning too, I can’t figure out how the ground could freeze when it was over 33F?! The ground hadn’t been frozen for a couple of days so I doubt that’ was the reason either.

    I too always know these more odd things, like it’s 4 light years to our closest star Alpha Centauri or that the Musk Deer has thangs 🙂 I wish things like French had stayed in my head instead 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I like that imagination about the mice 🙂 I can see how they sit in front of the fire eating a nice lunch talking about memories of adventures 🙂 Imaginations like that does help in life 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • Kat Says:

      I was surprised by that ice the same as you because it had all been melting yesterday.

      School stuff is meant to drift away is my belief. Once we’ve used it, the tuff disappears. I remembered enough French when I was in Africa to get around which surprised me as I hadn’t had French since high school. I knew food and directions so maybe my memory decided they were important to hold on to.

      I have always had an active imagination and consider it one of my best traits!

      Enjoy your evening!!

  3. im6 Says:

    Something I’ve been curious about…. when you release those trapped mice, you say you go about a mile away. But is that a mile away in a residential area or a non-residential area? Maybe I’m reading into this, but sometimes it seems like you’re saying, “Leave me alone. Go bother those people over there.” If it’s a rural area, are mice naturally outdoorsy and can be expected to survive?

    I probably had other questions, but, in keeping with today’s post, I forgot!

    • Hedley Says:

      Im6 are you asking the right question ? Is a mile a sufficient distance to negate the homing instincts of a mouse ? Is it possible that Kat only had 4 or 5 randoms and catching the same critters ? Could Kat have branded them ? Why didnt Gracie get the job done ?

      • Kat Says:

        My Dear Hedley,
        I read about the distance on-line as I didn’t want them returning to my house. I go beyond a mile just in case.

        Gracie is a boxer, not a hunter!

    • Kat Says:

      I am letting them go near the woods where there are no houses, just a graveyard. These are field mice which means that they are at home in the wild. They can squeeze themselves through the smallest crevice to get onto a house and will if they detect any sort of food. My brother used to say that every house on the cape has field mice.

      Field mice are scavengers that will feed on any food available to them which is what drew them to the eaves where the cat food was kept.

  4. Hedley Says:

    I want to spend my life with a girl like you
    Ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba
    And do all the things that you want me to
    Ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba

    And so we say a very sad farewell to Reg Presley of the Troggs. A man well known for recording a song with a Lion in the studio and who brought us Wild Thing which to this day remains a fun singalong and we all remember Jimi’s version (even im6)

    Meanwhile RIII was on the NBC nightly news and the front page of the NYT and WSJ. Now there is discussion about finding the remains of Alfred the Great which are supposedly located in Winchester Cathedral (you’re bringing me down)

    Reg was a Hampshire boy, always lived in Andover, famous not only for his songmanship but the notorious Trogg Tapes, He was interested in alien spacecraft, lost civilizations and alchemy

    Reg didnt do daily weather reports.

    He is gone and a little bit more of our youth is whittled away. Iggy Pop liked Reg.

    • Kat Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      Wild Thing is a fun song which I’ve always liked. I missed the news about Reg Presley’s passing. I would have liked him personally with his interest in alien spacecraft and lost civilizations.

      RIII also made the Globe, and I went on-line to read more. I find it all fascinating. Maybe the truth will come to light!

      • Hedley Says:

        Kat, it will be fascinating as historians try to establish the truth about RIII and the role of the successor Tudors in discrediting his legacy. The early spin doctors.
        “Ghost on Ghost” arrives from Iron and Wine in April. I liked “The Shepherds Dog” but abandoned “Kiss each other Clean” very quickly.

  5. Birgit Says:

    I remember your old greygreen blogspot picture with the donut. Rather useless. Listened to john hurt and wild thing, but i dont have iron+wine in my files. Iron Maidens Alexander the Great is close enough.

    • Kat Says:

      That was Blogger-before I was booted. I needed the green to differentiate it from the other blogs as there were few choices.

      Iron & Wine is Samuel Beam-that’s about all I know.

      • im6 Says:

        My very, very, very favorite song by Iron and Wine. Sounds like it belongs on “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme”

  6. katry Says:

    I like it so much I went and downloaded it!! Thanks!!

  7. Birgit Says:

    Back to the world wide wonderful web 🙂
    It was quite uncomfortable without phone+internet at home for 8 days and we had a lot of trouble with the phone company. Now I’m looking forward to read and listen to all of KTCC I’ve missed last week.

    If someone is interested in a Troggs 1981 broadcast:
    (Kinks in Detroit 1979, James Taylor and other concerts also available.)

    • katry Says:

      Welcome back, Birgit
      We missed you!

      Any download you want which has gone, let me know! The world around here hasn’t changed all that much in 8 days though we do have snow!

      • Birgit Says:

        Thanks, all the pretty songs were still available.
        Something has changed, the amount of mice and fortunately your health! New snow and sun over here today.

      • katry Says:

        The number of mice continues to grow though there has been quite a slump. A few days go by before one appears in the trap so I figure few are left.

        I am now just about well though still taking one of the medicines and the cough syrup. I sleep through the night and Gracie has stopped running away when I cough!

  8. peterrocker Says:

    You are just a natural genius young Kat.
    Would have you in my Trivia team before anyone else.

    • katry Says:

      I am actually pretty good at trivia, except sports and the music of today!! We beg my 30 year old nephew to come as he fills that gap.

  9. Hedley Says:

    55 years ago today at 3.04 pm (GMT) BEA 609 flight failed on its third attempt to leave Munich Airport, 44 people perished including the Busby Babes. The Munich Clock on the outside of Old Trafford is a poignant reminder of the loss that Manchester United sustained on that day and solidified the fondness held for the club.

    Matt Busby, the Manager, Bobby Charlton and Bill Foulkes survived the crash and in May 1968 the nation held its breath as Manchester United became the first English Club to win the European Cup, (now the Champions League). Charlton and Foulkes both played on that famous May night as they beat Benfica 4-1. Matt Busby was the Manager.

    I asked Bobby Charlton, what meant most to him, winning the World Cup in 1966 or the European Cup in 1968. He told me unequivocally it was the European Cup because of what had happened in Munich all those years ago.The journey was complete

    Today football is a brand, an entertainment, a club to follow or a player to admire. But it is history that stays with us.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I have a similar memory but about the US ice skaters.

      Sabena Flight 548 was a Boeing 707 aircraft that crashed en route to Brussels, Belgium, from New York City on February 15, 1961, killing the entire United States Figure Skating team on its way to the 1961 World Championships in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

      All 18 athletes of the 1961 U.S. figure skating team and 16 family members, coaches, and officials were among the fatalities. The dead included 9-time U.S. ladies’ champion, turned coach, Maribel Vinson-Owen and her two daughters, reigning U.S. ladies’ champion Laurie Owen and reigning U.S. pairs champion Maribel Owen. Maribel Owen’s pairs champion partner Dudley Richards and reigning U.S. men’s champion Bradley Lord also died, along with U.S. ice dancing champions Diane Sherbloom and Larry Pierce. The team also lost U.S. men’s silver medalist Gregory Kelley, U.S. ladies’ silver medalist Stephanie Westerfeld, and U.S. ladies’ bronze medalist Rhode Lee Michelson.

      The loss of the U.S. team was considered so catastrophic for the international sport that the 1961 World Figure Skating Championships were cancelled.

      • flyboybob Says:

        February 3, 1959, the day the music died. Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and J. P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson were killed in a single engine Beechcraft Bonanza while departing Clear Lake Iowa during a snow storm. That sad day in the history of Rock and Roll is forever remembered in Don McLean’s song, “The Day the Music Died”. Their talented futures were cut off at too early. I would list this one right below the loss of the US Ice Skaters. The crash in Munich really had no major effect on history. Any loss of life in an accident is a tragedy.

      • katry Says:

        I’m not sure I would use major effect on history to describe any one of the three crashes. Athletically or musically or even socially they were horrific, and it took a while for sports, even more than music, to rebound from those losses. It would take the US 8 years before it won another gold in ice skating.

        I wish we could have a magic ball which would show us where those guys would have gone musically. The Beatles and the change in music weren’t far off so I wonder what those guys would have done.

  10. Hedley Says:

    So I am waiting (not) patiently for amazon to deliver The Eels Wonderful Glorious, I can only hope that our friend im6 enjoys one or two songs from E’s latest effort.

    • katry Says:

      Has im6 ordered it? I know he does like them. Let me know what you think of the album!

      • Hedley Says:

        Kat, im6 is strangely silent over the new album so I am not sure. I should have my copy on Monday. Got offered some comps for The Who’s Quad tour in Columbus on the 17th with a backstage pass to meet Pete and Roger….bit of a drive but tempted to do it.

      • katry Says:

        My Dear Hedley,
        Go! Go!

      • Hedley Says:

        Kat, I probably will, got Los Lobos this Saturday down at a small theatre in Monroe. Would be pretty cool to meet Pete

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