Okra: Olu Dara

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5 Comments on “Okra: Olu Dara”

  1. Spaceman Says:

    One of the tastiest things in the world – fried okra, mercy me!

    • Kat Says:

      Okra was another food I didn’t even see until I was in Africa. Okro, as the Ghanaians call it, became a favorite of mine though it was always in a soup, never fried.

  2. Spaceman Says:

    Fried okra is a popular side choice in your basic “meat and 3 sides” order in the country style restaurants here. About 1/2 inch segments coated in flour or cornmeal and then deep fried. Not the greatest thing for your health, but it sure tastes great. Also used in vegetable soups and gumbo’s; it will thicken the liquid. People who have a home garden around here will almost always grow a row okra, it does very well in hot weather and bugs and varmints don’t fool with it. Come summer, forget the cholesterol for a day, and fry up “a mess” of it up along.

    • Kat Says:

      I have used it in gumbo but have never fried it. Africans raise a lot of okro (as they call it). That was the first I’d ever taste it. The soup was always runny but tasty.

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