Coffee Homeground: Kate Bush

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9 Comments on “Coffee Homeground: Kate Bush”

  1. Hedley Says:

    From Kate’s sophomore effort and perhaps least satisfactory album “Lionheart” . It only ran 36 minutes and screamed rush job. I have no idea what this song meant, some old yack about chocolate and stuff…all in all it was no “50 words for Snow”.

  2. olof1 Says:

    Love this one, too long since I heard it last. Must get it on CD.

  3. bry Says:

    i think this is a great album,it was also not a album that was expected,im glad it was’nt like ”the kick inside”..the only album that it could be compared many beautiful songs ”oh england my lionheart,in search of peter pan,in the warm room,kashka from baghdad,dam it the whole album.each song takes you sumwhere else and when lionheart came out there was nothing around like it,that what makes it great,i………..its like ”the dreaming” you love it or hate it,lionheart is the same,can be said about ”the red shoes” …lionheart was and is just the warm up of what was going to come,look at how diffrent each album was done from each other in style,sound,image that it gave………no lionheart is’nt ”least satisfactory”…….its a beautiful album that i play over and over in those quiet moments of time or in the car, but ”oh england my lionheart melts me ***sorry for spelling mistakes***

    • katry Says:

      I think a Kate Bush fan likes just about every one of her albums though some more than others. I really liked this album and I know exactly what you mean about the lyrics. Flapping umbrellas is one of my favorite images as is Peter Pan stealing the kids in the park. They are what makes this a favorite album.

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