Hard Times Come Again No More: Mavis Staples

Today is Stephen Foster day. These are, of course, all compositions of his!

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7 Comments on “Hard Times Come Again No More: Mavis Staples”

  1. Birgit Says:

    🙂 One of my favorite songs. Your early post surprised me, but I had to listen to this song before leaving for chorus rehearsal, other songs and musings later… Have a great sunday!

  2. Mark Anderson Says:

    Kat, this is an absolutely stunning rendition of this song. The first time I heard it was in the midst of the mortgage debacle. Hard to believe it was written in 1854. I’ve actually got a copy of the original publication. Mark

    • katry Says:


      I’m so glad you like this! I always think Mavis is as amazing on every song she sings. Her voice is so beautiful.

      I didn’t realize it was 1854. I thought it was later than that.

      I hadn’t ever seen the original until I was hunting for this Mavis song. I ended up on several Stephen Foster Sites.

  3. MFBuchanan Says:

    You should post the “Beautiful Dreamer” cut off this album by Sheryl Crow. It is abslutely her best work and one of the best versions of this Foster masterpiece.

    • katry Says:

      You are so right, but I couldn’t find the cut in my files. At sometime I must have played it and then deleted it as I still have the CD and in the old days, before I had an iPod, I deleted songs I used and had hard copies of.

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