Better Davis typewriter

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  1. Kat Says:

    Emil Cioran quote

  2. Morpfy Says:

    Thinking for the Future Oh my, what do I write for todays entry in my Blog? My old my, where did I come up with that word “Blog”

  3. Bob Says:

    My dad left me his Hermes portable typewriter when he died about 10 years ago. When my son was five or six he liked to play with the typewriter even though the ribbon was shot and it didn’t work. He called it the “ancient word processor”. He also called records, black CDs.

    • Kat Says:

      That is pretty funny, your son’s name for the typewriter, the same with CD’s. he is totally right with his descriptions too.

      I still have the typewriter I got when I graduated from high school.

  4. minicapt Says:

    What to do with my life? Can’t cook; can’t sew; can’t type … I’ll have to become an engineer, they can be civil at times.


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