“Conversation should touch everything, but should concentrate itself on nothing.”

Today is the same as yesterday: cloudy and damp. I have no place I need to go so I’m staying home and finishing my book. I will loll about and eat bonbons.

The grocery shopping is done. I maneuvered around the carts in the middle of the aisle, waited at the register while the man in front of me chatted with the cashier after he had already paid and then I hauled almost everything into the house. This morning I brought in the rest: a carton of Diet Coke, some cat litter and laundry detergent. It seems strange to open the fridge and see it filled.

Sad news: Hostess is closing up shop. No more Hostess cupcakes or Ding Dongs, the treats of my childhood. I still remember the thrill and surprise when I’d open my lunch box and find a package of Hostess cupcakes for dessert. I always used the same method to eat them. First I’d peel off the frosting then I’d eat the cupcake and work my way to the cream center. When I was finished with the cream, I’d eat the frosting, the chocolate frosting with the white swirl across the middle. I loved those cupcakes. Hostess will sell its wares until they’re gone and will make no more. The cupcakes will go the way of Hydrox, Bolster Bars and all the candy made by Schrafft’s.

In the paper this morning, the news was, as usual, dreary. I was surprised to read that Mr. Romney had shot himself in the foot again as I didn’t think he had any parts of his feet left to shoot. It’s the if man bites dog aphorism that defines what gets printed. Don’t look for good news, but when I got to the sports page, I had my only laugh. Coach Belichick of the Patriots was his usual chatty self at a press conference. When asked about expectations for the new player, Talib, who’s just coming off a drug suspension, Belichick, a noted oratorian, answered, ” Any player that we bring here, we feel confident in bringing here or we wouldn’t bring him here.” Talib said he and his new coach had not discussed off-field problems, “We kind of just talked straight football. He didn’t bring up the past. I didn’t bring up the past. He didn’t bring up the future. I didn’t bring up the future.” That must have been one heck of a conversation!

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31 Comments on ““Conversation should touch everything, but should concentrate itself on nothing.””

  1. I’m willing to be that Hostess survives, in one form or another.

  2. er, bet …

    • Kat Says:

      I figured it was a typo.

      Hostess has suspended operations at all of its 33 plants around the United States and is going to start liquidating assets. I’m not so sure it will survive.

      • Hedley Says:

        Hostess Brands is an 11 going to a 7 without a labor agreement. look for the change in filing

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Ding Dongs were a favorite of mine though I haven’t had one in a long time. I think I’m a little bit sad. I ate Hostess cupcakes the same way you did. It’s a bit gross to think about frosting so thick it retains its corporeal integrity after it has been removed from its base of support. 🙂
    I don’t know how to embed videos so I’ll try this for Junk Food Junkie
    Hope it works.

    • Caryn Says:

      Oh! It worked! Quelle surprise! 😀

    • Kat Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      It worked really well! This is a perfect song to go with the demise of Hostess. I was reminded of Brenda in The Closing who hid her Ding Dongs in her drawer for when she dearly needed a chocolate fix.

  4. We’ll always have Little Debbie.

  5. margehess Says:

    TastyKake is great!
    I don’t want to open a can of worms, but Hostess asked its workers ( who are paid 11- 17 Dollars tops per hour) to take another pay cut or they would close, and the union called them on their bluff.
    I like the old days, when people were paid for their hard work, and CEOs shared some of their huge profits.
    Sorry and I don’t mean to offend, just sayin’.

    • Kat Says:

      No offense. I was just spreading the news as Hostess had been such a part of my childhood. I didn’t intend to take any sort of a stand in regard to the news.

  6. Bob Says:

    Ever since I was a kid I loved Hostess Twinkies, Cupcakes and Ding Dongs. Even today I am going to miss them. But despite the labor issues Hostess was in a downward death spiral. More nutritious and healthful snacks have eclipsed them in the market place. Hostess never changed their products or marketing strategy. Their products contained so much preservatives that a box of Twinkie’s purchased today will be fresh enough to eat when President Obama leaves office in 2017 🙂 Only the deity and the bakers know the ingredients of that cream that was in the middle of the products. I don’t think any of it ever saw a cow.

    The Teamster’s Union accepted a reduced pay and benefit contract but the Baker’s Union refused to give back the store to management and miscalculated that the company would liquidate rather than negotiate. It was only a matter of time before Hostess died a natural death anyway.

    It’s a real loss for the Dallas Ft. Worth area as Hostess was based in Irving Texas and will lay off a lot of local workers. For me Little Debbie’s just doesn’t cut it in the taste department. Just like Hydrox never could match up to an Oreo, A Little Debbie snack cake can’t match a Twinkie.

  7. Birgit Says:

    So I’ve just learned what “Ding Dongs” are and that I don’t need to know it anymore. Cruel world. Played the McGarrigles “No Biscuit Blues” in honor of this untasted funny named hockey puck cake.

    This evening I’m looking forward to hear Ghanaian music!
    An international concert with musicians from Ghana, India and Germany, organized by our local Jazz drummer who visited Ghana earlier this year. They will offer African food made by a Ghanaian. Perhaps I can taste my first Kelewele tonight?

    • Kat Says:

      Yes, there is still hope!!

    • Kat Says:

      Okay, I admit it: I am envious!! An evening of Ghanaian food and music sounds perfect!! If they have kelewele, have some in honor of me. There might be joloff rice and fufu and I don’t know what else, maybe a light soup. Don’t forget Ghanaian food is best eaten with your right hand!

      Ding Dongs do have taste says my childhood memory as I haven’t had one in years.

      • Birgit Says:

        Absolutely right, you can be envious, we had a great evening!
        Famaous Awuku Doe (Ghanaian drummer/singer/acrobat), Rosemary & Daniel Appiah Group (Ghanaian drum/vocals/dance), a young german Rock and Ska BigBand , Jazz drums, percussion, Indian tabla, Persian santur and more and then they played all together. I ate Red-Red (beans, fried bananas, chicken), which perfectly fits to german beer and my sweetheart had African peanuts soup with chicken.
        We just had to cycle 10 minutes to have a music and food world trip.
        Fun travelling!

  8. Bill S. Says:

    I wonder what is in the fillings of those junk foods. Years ago my sister-in-law worked at Dunkin Donuts. They used Crisco whipped with sugar to fill the “creme” donuts. You are what you eat….

    The day here in NH is bright and sunny, in the 40’s, no wind– a perfect day for a long walk with a dog.

    • Kat Says:

      She is lying beside me on the couch and snoring enough to drive me crazy. She’s all yours!!

      My sister had a recipe for whoopie pies she got in home ec in the 4th grade. The filling also used Crisco.

  9. Caryn Says:

    Apparently Hostess will still be functioning in Canada so, if you’re jonesin’ for a Twinkie, you can take a trip to the Great White North and bring back a supply. 🙂

  10. im6 Says:

    A friend of mine passed along a link with this information:

    Workers were being asked to accept cuts, but top executives had gotten massive raises as Hostess was about to enter bankruptcy. Investments in the company’s future that had been promised as part of restructuring after the previous bankruptcy were never made. And as for the management, put in place by the private equity companies that now own Hostess, Hurt says:

    Unfortunately however, for the past eight years management of the company has been in the hands of Wall Street investors, “restructuring experts”, third-tier managers from other non-baking food companies and currently a “liquidation specialist”. Six CEO’s in eight years, none of whom with any bread and cake baking industry experience, was the prescription for failure.

    im6 comment: Sound like something a recent presidential candidate would do?


    • Bob Says:

      This is what happens when the brightest and smartest people in the country decide it’s easier and more profitable to manipulate money rather than create anything. It’s the result of deregulation of the financial industry, thank you, former Republican senator from Texas, Phil Graham. As the former Chairman of the Senate banking committee Graham spent his entire career in Congress dismantling the financial and banking regulations that were put in place during the great depression to prevent a repeat performance. His work created a lot of billionaires, his main supporters, who have shipped much of their money overseas to avoid taxes and almost created another depression in 2008.

    • Kat Says:

      It is what I will now call a Romney move!

      Nothing like blaming the workers for the company’s demise. The whole maneuver is sneaky and underhanded.

      • Kat Says:

        and Romney wonders how he could have lost. He absolutely believed he was going to be elected.

  11. Bob Says:

    And he absolutely believes it’s the loss was because minorities were promised by the President to get stuff.

    Romney and his ilk want to turn this country into a banana republic.

    • Kat Says:

      That sealed his fate. The Republicans want nothing more to do with them. His 47% was bad enough, but this is even worse.

  12. Kat Says:

    Rub it in why don’t you though I was okay with missing the red-red as I am not a bean fan. My friend Ralph always said it was his favorite dish. That would be called groundnut soup to a Ghanaian. The base is ground nut paste better known as the thickest peanut butter you’ve even seen. We used to have to cut it with peanut oil so we could spread it on bread. I loved groundnut stew and chicken, still do!

    I’m glad you had the sound and taste of Ghana. You know how I love it so!

    • Birgit Says:

      A short video of the international concert I attended last weekend appeared on YouTube, but only the Ghanaian acrobat is included, not the more interesting Ghanaian drummer/singers/dancers and other highlights, so unfortunately not much “Ghana” and not a “Best of”. If you are nevertheless interested:

      • Kat Says:

        The acrobat was quite good. I was amazed at how long he could stand on his hands and how well he moved to the music!

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