Ain’t No Sunshine: Bill Withers

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8 Comments on “Ain’t No Sunshine: Bill Withers”

  1. charles Rump Says:

    yeah man, so true, so true
    so true you don’t even know how true
    keep on trucking

    • katry Says:

      I’m thinking that’s pretty pessimistic!

      • charles Rump Says:

        Hi Katry!
        Pessimistic? Do we two understand the word differently?
        Pessimism is also called cautious realism 🙂
        In that way, well, just a li’l.
        People generally say of me that I am an optimist.
        But this song captures the feeling of a man deeply in love. And, believe me, I know what I am talking about!

  2. Kat Says:

    I always think of it more as the opposite of optimistic. It is seeing the world in the most negative way.

    Cautious realism? I don’t see that as necessarily one or the other. It is just the recognition that there are perils.

    Being realistic sometimes excludes optimism.

    • charles Rump Says:

      hi Kat
      for me the whole has a very personal aspect
      my sun once set for a long, long night when SHE died
      and wasn’t it Shakespeare who compared sunshine and beauty and talked about love as the guiding star in life?
      As Jon Lennon said: You might well arsk (sic)

  3. charles Rump Says:

    John, of course

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