La La La Lies: The Who

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9 Comments on “La La La Lies: The Who”

  1. Hedley Says:

    From the debut album “My Generation”. I saw them in 71 at The Oval and a whole lot of times after that. I ain’t going to the JLA to see Pete and Rog do Quadrophenia (again)

    Tomorrow sees the release of “Live at Hull” which was recorded the day after “Llve at Leeds” . Previously only available through the “Live at Leeds Super Deluxe Edition”, Live at Hull was a troubled recording because Entwistle’s base was missing – Townshend substituted the track from Leeds and released the disc.

    I will be heading over to Best Buy to pick up a copy tomorrow. Will it be as good ad Leeds ? nah, and its missing Magic Bus. Will I play it at ear piercing level in the car….yes indeedy doody.

    The Who live were more incendiary that Bonfire Night

    • Kat Says:

      My Dear hedley,
      You have seen many groups and your having seen some of them makes me jealous. Count the Who among them.

      After you’ve heard Live at Hull, let me know what you think!!

      • Hedley Says:


        Not always

        In 76 Dan and I made our way to Charlton for the very inappropriately named “The Who Put the Boot In” . It rained, its was violent, bottles were flying, huge numbers crashed the stadium without tickets, kids were climbing the floodlights where the lazer show was going to run.
        By the time that the SAHB came on, we had had enough and retreated to the relative safety of a stand, where we watched The Who in full force.
        Was completely unsuitable and an unstable situation where a lot of folks could have got hurt beyond having a beer bottle bounce off their heads.

        I am expecting Hull to be the poor sister of Leeds, but you never know.

      • Kat Says:

        My Dear Hedley,
        I too would have bailed in fear for my life. No group is worth putting myself in danger.

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