Humdrum Blues: Oscar Brown Jr.

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11 Comments on “Humdrum Blues: Oscar Brown Jr.”

  1. Spaceman Says:

    Get classical

    • Kat Says:

      It’s beautiful, Spaceman!!

      I don’t use classical as generally the music I post is thematic and as lovely as this is, the theme would be difficult to hear.

  2. Spaceman Says:

    Well, Miss Kat, I wish I appreciated classical more than I do. You probably have seen this lovely movie..

    • Kat Says:

      Like you I wish I appreciated classical more. I have my favorites but remain a bit ignorant about the rest. I haven’t ever seen this movie before-now I’m interested in seeing all of it.

  3. Spaceman Says:

    It’s pretty well known, won 3 Academy Awards. On the artsy side as you might expect. And I’ll have to ‘fess up I watched the last half anyway of “Conan the Barbarian” for at least the 5 or 6th time last night. Gets a little better every time… James Earl Jones, can’t be all bad? Well.., maybe not one of his greatest roles.

    • Kat Says:

      I actually saw this but had totally forgotten.

      I never miss some movies when they’re on like Independence Day (I can quote lines as the characters say them), Galaxy Quest, Casablanca (another line quoter) and more I can’t think of right now.

  4. Spaceman Says:

    Here’s the quiz..

    Now remember, when things look bad and it looks like you’re not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean.

    Are you gonna pull those pistols or whistle Dixie?

    Yeah, well, I always heard there were three kinds of suns in Kansas, sunshine, sunflowers, and sons-of-bitches.

    • Kat Says:

      They sounded familiar especially the second and third quotes, but I failed miserably!!

  5. Spaceman Says:

    All from the same movie; a couple more

    I’m an Indian, all right; but here in the nation they call us the “civilized tribe”. They call us “civilized” because we’re easy to sneak up on. White men have been sneaking up on us for years.

    Well, Mr. Carpetbagger. We got somethin’ in this territory called the Missouri boat ride.

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