“It is better to meet danger than to wait for it. He that is on a lee shore, and foresees a hurricane, stands out to sea and encounters a storm to avoid a shipwreck.”

Sandy most decidedly has my attention. Yesterday I got a robocall from Nstar, and this morning it was the Dennis Police Department. I was warned to brace for hurricane winds, rain and electrical failure. I have a few things yet to move on the deck, but they’re small and will take only a few minutes. I got 8 D batteries from the hardware store, no rush of people there, so my mega lamp is ready. My iPad and my phone are charged. I may go out for a few goodies later, but mostly I have enough food. I do worry a bit about pine trees as they sway in even small winds, but only one tree is near the house. It’s now wait and see time.

I remember Hurricane Daisy even more than Bob because I was young and totally impressed by the wind and the rain. It hit New England in August 1958. My sister had just been born and was kept in the hospital a couple of days because she was under 5 pounds, and they did that back then. My mother was relieved the baby was safe. With no power, my mother couldn’t have heated bottles. My dad took us out during the eye of the storm. The light was eerie; the sky a strange color. I don’t remember any sounds: no birds, no cars. The oak tree across the street had fallen on the road making it impassable. Its tree stump still had split shards from the trunk. I remember the inside bark was white. In my mind’s eye, I can still see all the small branches usually up so high but now lying on the road close to my side of the street. My brother and I sat on the trunk, and we walked through and around the branches. That something so huge could fall made a lasting impression.

My dad, sensing the start of the wind again, brought us inside the house. I remember watching out the window and seeing the leaves blown about as the trees swayed. I will never forget the sound of that wind.

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31 Comments on ““It is better to meet danger than to wait for it. He that is on a lee shore, and foresees a hurricane, stands out to sea and encounters a storm to avoid a shipwreck.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    Of course You have to have goodies too 🙂 One can’t live by food alone You know 🙂

    The two worst storms we’ve had here was called Gudrun and Per, they were awful and destroýed both homes and forests and people died but still they barely was recorded as a one on Your storm scale. I wonder what would happen if we actually got hit by something like Sandy? I doubt anything would still stand after that 🙂

    We never get that calm in the storms center, it seems our storms doesn’t have that, perhaps because the Atlantic ocean is cold and calms it down?

    Perhaps I should go through my pantry to see if I need anything, Sandy will come here sooner or later and even if Yoyur storms usually calms down quite a bit some still stay rather nasty when reaching us and they usually do 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • Christer,
      Totally can’t live by food alone!

      We know how to get ready for a storm so I’m hoping people will be safe though I don’t know about property especially near the coast.

      I think only hurricanes have eyes, not regular storms, so you wouldn’t have experienced something like that.

      I’m surprised that hurricanes show up on your doorstep. I know most end up going out to sea where they just die away.

      • olof1 Says:

        Some are extra nasty and reach us after a week or so. When they do we can only hope they’ll hit Europe instead of us 🙂

  2. Hedley Says:

    Right, the Prince is heading over for the Lions, he and I like to wear our #90s. He told me off last week for potty mouth, I deserved it.

    The Prince has his eye on a Lego castle for Christmas, a quick check at amazon showed its a $200 purchase..I woofed about the price to which he asked “Pumpa do you have that kind of money?” (Answers on a postcard please to..) he then extolled the virtues of work to secure this gift.

    Meanwhile down the Comerica Park disappointment reigns but these are our teams.

    the American Clint Dempsey has scored for Tottenham at Southampton

    Exactly 40 years ago tonight I was heading for the Empire Pool to see the New York Dolls and the Pink Fairies open for Rod Stewart and the Faces. All this time later, Rod is releasing the useless Christmas album and discussing taking cocaine anally.

    And you are worried about a little storm ?

    • My Dear Hedley,
      Good the the Prince is keeping you on the straight and narrow!

      What’s $200 when it comes to the Prince? Think of his joy when he opens his gift, the very special gift he wanted!!

      I was most disappointed at the bases loaded one out situation when they couldn’t score. The Prince would have had to admonish me as well!!

      What is it about Christmas albums? First that horrid Dylan and now Rod Stewart. Do they think because it’s Christmas we’ll overlook it?

      The worst part of the storm is losing electricity, and I’m not looking forward to that at all. IPad and iPhone charged and ready!

      • Hedley Says:

        There is a pattern, albums of Covers, live greatest hits and then the Christmas album…you know that there is nothing left in the tank.
        think Rod, Taylor, Macca….

    • im6 Says:

      At the risk of being mocked (ha! there’s no RISK at all, it’s a GIVEN), I must say that I’ve listened to the Rod Stewart Christmas album and don’t think it’s bad at all. As for his standards, I enjoy several of his interpretations. His problem, IMHO, has been in not knowing when to stop (one or two albums would have done quite nicely, but six or seven is pushing it). But none of them even come close to those dreary holidays offerings by Dylan or Macca.

      I can’t believe I’m defending Rod Stewart. I agree we didn’t need to know the details of how he took those drugs (eeeeh!) and I’m not sure the world needed an autobiography, but no one is making me read it or listen to his music. But I have to give him credit for figuring out a way (albeit a limited way) to reinvent himself. I certainly don’t need to hear him doing ‘Do You Think I’m Sexy At Seventy?’ So thank heavens we’ve been spared that.

      Kat, I think you’ll enjoy Rod’s “Merry Christmas, Baby.” Hedley won’t of course — won’t even give it a chance. Throughout my life, I’ve been accused to being a music snob, but (I say this in the most loving way) that title belongs to you, Hedley. I’m an amateur in comparison!

      Why do I suspect Hedley’s post was designed specifically to taunt me? 😉

      • Hedley Says:

        Im6, it really wasn’t. There is a very clear pattern at the end of careers through songbooks, hits and Christmas records.

        Once upon a time Rod was Jack the Lad and then he turned in to Rod the Jackass. I loved The Faces but generally Rod blows

        I consider your Christmas-Rod consistent with your recent Moody Blues indiscretion. ….one step away from the full Kim Chol

      • katry Says:

        I also liked the first Rod Steward album of standards. I bought that one and the second fro my mother who loved them both. She played them often. I miss the Rod Stewart of Maggie May days but age does a job on all of us including Rod’s voice.

        You know how much I love Christmas music, and you never lead me astray so I’ll check out that song.

        Yup, I suspect that MDH well planned his comment!! You, however, always seem to take the bait!!!

      • Hedley Says:

        Ok Katmah and im6
        Consider this, I won two tickets to see Dylan and Knopfler at the Fox, but unbelievably they are in the last row of the balcony, so I don’t think I really want to make the effort.
        In my non amateur snobbery I have been chatting with Claudia Gonson about the Magnetic Fields coming to the Crofoot in Pontiac, which I absolutely will not miss.
        I don’t do Christmas albums, or songbooks, or CDs designed to extort the last JVC/QVC dollar out of an unsuspecting fan/willing victim
        My post wasn’t a set up, but this Lennie appreciator is happy to give it a go

  3. Bob Says:

    A big hurricane, Katrina, can wipe out a city like New Orleans while a smaller one just blows down a few branches and fails the electric grid for a few days like the one you experienced. By the time hurricanes get into the colder waters of New England their destructive winds and storm surge has been reduced.

    The Giants may have brought the broom with them to Detroit to sweep the Tigers into obscurity as they did to the Rangers two years ago. Although as Yogi says, “It ain’t over till it’s over” 🙂

  4. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,

    I remember Hurricanes Diane and Carol probably because we lost our apple trees and our cherry tree in them. I don’t remember the noise very much.
    I was at a jack russel terrier show about a week after Hurricane Hugo. An acquaintance and fellow competitor had been home during the hurricane. He said that all he could hear was trees cracking and falling all around his house. There was no way to describe the sound of the winds and the falling trees. He had some damage and, since he couldn’t really be in the house while it was being fixed, he decided to come to the show. He did look a bit shell-shocked, though.
    I have food, chocolate, chips, dip, Diet Pepsi and a bottle of good white wine. Kindles and phone are charged. I think I’m ready. 🙂
    Enjoy the day!

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      Bob is the one I remember the most because of the damage here. Roads were closed for weeks on end while crews worked their way up and down the cape. I remember taking a ride a day or two after the hurricane and being amazed at all the trees which had fallen and all the detours I had to take. That oak tree of my childhood is the single best image in my memory bank. That taught me how strong the winds in a hurricane can be.

      I have cheese, crackers, a topping for the cheese, chocolate, Diet Coke and three pepper dip, my favorite. Everything is charged, and I’m ready. Luckily it’s warm so if the electricity goes I’ll be warm.

  5. MDH,
    I am glad to know that your intentions were purely honorable! I too would bypass the last row in the balcony!!

    Im6 and I are lovers of Christmas music; however, I will shun the likes of Mr. Dylan and Mr. Stewart other than the song im6 suggested I’d like.

    I do not know Magnetic Fields but I will do some digging!

    • Hedley Says:

      69 Love Songs is the key disk. also try The Charm of the Highway Strip.
      Gracie ready for the action?

    • im6 Says:

      It’s a conspiracy! WordPress isn’t letting me post this. Hope it doesn’t post twice (or 3 times!)

      “Merry Christmas, Baby” is the name of the RS album, Kat. There are several songs I could probably recommend, but I’ll need further listening to do so. Not sure the duet with Ella is a success (nor am I sure she would have agreed to doing it!). Perhaps you have to be a lover of holiday music to fully appreciate it, but I think you will.

      Yes, I know I always bite when MDH offers bait, but sometimes you just have to challenge people when you disagree. Otherwise they think they’re right. And we know that’s not always the case! 😉

      Ran across a bunch of folky hurricane music covers tonight. You might find a song or two you’ll enjoy:


      • im6 Says:

        Problem solved-you are out of the spam file!!

      • Hedley Says:

        Seriously im6 how would I have known that you sunk im6bucks in to Rods poultry Christmas offering ? Did you also invest in James Taylor’s reissued Christmas record ? I dont think either of them have appeared (yet) on JVC/QVC so I would not have known.

        Additionally, why are you listening to Christmas music before Guy Fawkes night ? Cant we get through “Remember Remember the 5th of November” before Mr Stewart destroys some classic ?

  6. Coleen Burnett Says:

    Please be careful Kat. Looks like Sandy will hit me literally right where I live. I do not live in a low-lying area, so I will ride it out at home with all the usual goodies. Lack of electricity will be a big problem…

    • I will, Coleen. I learned a while back not to take the warnings lightly. My larder is filled; I have plenty of ice to keep the freezer cold and lamps for when I lose electricity (it happens all the time here!).

      I hope you’ll be safe and well!!

  7. splendidone Says:

    prayers and love for you kat, hope gracie helps keep you safe

    • Katry@comcast.net Says:

      Thanks, splendid

      I think we’re ready! I hope all will be well. I worry most about the electricity!

  8. Katry@comcast.net Says:

    My Dear Hedley
    It is harder to look at hime than to listen.

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