“There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm.”

I woke to a lovely day, warm and sunny. The birds were in full voice, and they drew me to the deck. I watched Gracie sniff the driveway already covered in yellow leaves and pine needles. On the outside branches of the oak tree the leaves have browned. Most will soon fall but some will hang on through the winter fluttering in the cold wind. It is the oak tree I can see best through the window in my den. It is a barometer of the changing seasons.

Today is dump day, Gracie’s favorite day. I haven’t told her yet, but she’ll know soon enough. Right now she is sleeping beside me on the couch and snoring. Life is good for Gracie

Sandy is the headline on the TV news and in the papers, but we are in a wait and see pattern as to how destructive the storm will be here though it has already been dubbed Frankenstorm and described as ghoulish. Utility crews have been out cutting branches and making sure lines are cleared anticipating wind and trying to prevent power outages. I doubt they’ll be too successful. Power outages are common here even without the wind. I often hear the loud bang of a transformer just before the lights go out. I have an empty larder so I’ll hit the supermarket today before the crowd arrives to buy all the water and the batteries. The water part still amazes me. I get that people with well water will lose their pumps but most of us have town water which will flow regardless of electricity. My list has the everyday items, the boring ones, but I’m also including crackers, a variety of cheeses, dips and chips. If I have to sit and read by the light of the lantern, I want my taste buds to be happy.

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  1. Hedley Says:

    Woooohhhh, there Katmah, isn’t Saturday dump day ? weren’t there Gracie issues when she didn’t get her run on a Saturday ???? very careful with making changes, the hound knows.

    And so the show arrives in Detroit tomorrow night. The theatre stadium area will be rocking with Tigers and Lions and Bill Mahar and lots and lots of folks. It has become a little cold so its battle gear at Comerica for Game 3 as our Tigers give it the go.

    Go Get ‘Em Tigers (and Gracie)

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      We have been going to the dump the last few weeks on Thursdays to avoid the crowded Saturday. Gracie has adapted well. I figure it’s an as long as I go sort of thing.

      Our Tigers better step up to the plate, sort of speak, for the next game. I’ll be rooting for them.

  2. olof1 Says:

    Sunny and cold over here today and the cold evening promises an even colder night so the fire is burning in the stove.

    Over here Sandy is called the Monster Storm. I do hope she’ll calm down before she hits You! We rarely have any problems with power here during storms, they used to have it before I moved to this village.

    Not that I in any way have made things better, they simply connected our power lines to a second one so that if one fails the other takes over.

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      It was lovely all day here but now that the sun is going down it’s getting chilly. My heat didn’t kick on all day.

      We got better news today-that Sandy will hit us but not full force. There will be storm surges with the high tides, beach erosion and tropical force winds. I’m ready!

      My lines are all under ground. If the electricity fails, the grid goes down, not just single places like when the transformer blows.

  3. Bill S. Says:

    Today was absolutely spectacular weather, so I mowed the lawn for the last time, raked leaves, and cleaned out the garden. I also sat and enjoyed the yard, and the calm before the storm. Last October we had Snowtober, when Halloween was cancelled, or at least postponed. Some people lost power for a week. Fortunately, we’ve had a generator for years, and it has come in handy for the well, furnace, sump pump, and ref. For the first ten years we lived here we had no generator, but the power didn’t go out like it does nowadays. Global warming??

    Thursday has also become my dump day. It’s where I see people I don’t meet the rest of the week (or month, or year).

    • katry Says:

      I’d have a generator too if I had so many necessary pieces of life run on electricity. I do lose my heat, but this time of year it is not so much a problem. I’ll charge my phone and my iPad, and I got batteries for my lamp, some food for me, the pets and the birds so I’m set.

      Thursday are perfect for me as the dump is closed Monday and Tuesday which makes Wednesday as busy as the weekends.

      Bob was when we lost electricity for 5 days then it came back on and went out again for three more days. The electric companies are running scared. Under the new law they can be penalized for a delay in getting the lights on. Utility trucks from as far away as Washington state are here.

  4. Lori Kossowsky Says:

    I just heard about a storm, although I don’t know the details. My head is foggy, and will clear up later. I hope. I am going to see a concert which is a tribute to Rosalie Sorrels, who will be there, with Joy of Cooking ( I am bringing my record ) Nina Gerber, http://www.thefreight.org/fundraiser-rosalie-sorrels and well here is the link: Also tonight at a different place Barbara Dane is playing in a benefit close by but I can’t be at two places at once. I once thought I could, but…….
    Lori or Lily

    • katry Says:

      The storm is going to be huge, but you are so far way it is no wonderful you haven’t heard much though the national news is filled with it.

      That sounds like a great concert!! Have a wonderful evening!!!

  5. Bob Says:

    Today was the first morning to really feel like autumn has arrived. It was in the upper 40s and I needed a jacket for the first time since March. The sun came out and it’s now a glorious day with the temperatures in the 60s.

    I think your city water is also delivered through electric pumping stations. Also, when a big storm hits sewer water can contaminate the drinking water. Better to be safe than sorry. I am sorry that the Tigers bats slept in San Francisco. The city by the bay is one of my favorite places to visit in the US. If I were a billionaire I would certainly live in a condo on Russian Hill.

    The Tigers will have the silly DH rule for the next two games. But if their bats don’t wake up it won’t matter.

    • katry Says:

      I figured you might enjoy such a cool day after the summer you abided. That glorious day you’re having has been our days all week. I’m glad you get to share.

      We don’t have sewers here on the cape. We all have septic tanks in our backyards.

      Never have I lost water even when I had no electricity. The water comes from an aquifer, and that’s all I know.

      I want the bats to wake and be furious! I like the DH rule. The pitchers, for the most part, are outs at bat. Everyone knows that. With the DH strategy comes into play.

      • Bob Says:

        Actually the DH reduces the strategy. Jim Leland had to use the double switch in the 8th when he replaced the pitcher. That requires stratagy. Also, which is a better choice, to leave a pitcher in a one run game who is pitching great and replace him at bat in the next inning to try to score a couple of runs. Ocasionall, pitchers do get base hits, get walked or even hit a home run. The game of baseball is unique in that everyone plays both defense and offense. Why not do away with having the pitcher throw 4 balls on an intentional walk?

  6. katry Says:

    With the DH, if a pitcher in a one run game is pitching great, in the AL, he stays in as he is not needed to score a couple of runs. Pitch hitters may be part of the choices but the DH generally stays in.

    The 4 balls on an intentional walk are often the saving grace for a team who ends up winning as the next batter is usually less effective at the plate and hits out or even into a double play. I, however, would hate to be that batter who is figured to bat into the next out.

  7. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I have not yet stocked up on hurricane food. The dog has food, though, and that’s all that matters. Hurricane food would be chips and dip and chocolate and wine. I have wine. That might be enough. 🙂
    Here is the latest French Toast Alert for Sandy;

    Enjoy the evening.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I’m watching the 11 o’clock weather now. We’re getting the wind with gusts which could reach hurricane proportions.

      I shopped today. Dog food and treats, cat food and litter and seeds for the birds. For me: a couple of dips, some crackers and chips, sandwich meat, a piece of chocolate-peanut butter cake and some cider. I’m all set!

      Quiet evening but no complaints from me. I need to pee Gracie then we’re headed to bed.

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