“I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.”

Around 1:30 last night (although I suppose it should be early this morning) I was roaming around the house unable to fall asleep so Gracie and I went outside for a while. It was a misty, warm night. When Gracie went down to the backyard, she triggered her sensor lights so I joined her. She roamed while I picked up and piled a few fallen branches and emptied the bird bath. One house had lights on, but it always does no matter the time of night, but the other houses were dark. I went about my yard cleaning then came back inside. It was well after 2 before I went to bed. By then I could hear the rain: the gentle mist was gone.

Today is sunny and warmer than predicted. It’s the sort of day which makes me glad I’m not working, not staring out the window and wishing I could sit in the sun. Happily, the day is mine to do with as I choose, no wishes necessary.

Nothing in today’s papers made me glad, except maybe the comics.

Two of my friends are coming to dinner. I missed their birthdays in September so tonight we’ll celebrate. Their brightly wrapped gifts are ready to be opened, and I have my shopping list for the grocery store, one of a few errands I have to do before tonight. We’re having sausage shepherd’s pie, a favorite of mine they haven’t ever had. I figure some crusty bread will perfectly complete the meal. I’m thinking a round loaf.

With the storm doors up and almost all the windows closed, the house is quiet. Gracie is sleeping on the couch beside me, and she is lightly snoring, and every now and then she sighs; they are the only sounds I can hear. The window in my bedroom facing the backyard is still open, and last night I fell asleep to the sounds of the night birds and the rain. How wonderful that was.

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9 Comments on ““I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    Verlander goes tonight 8.00 pm EST. I am in the holding pattern for the Thursday afternoon game at Comerica.
    But first we start with World Cup Qualification – England go at 3.00 pm and the USA take on rascally Guatemala down the Livestrong stadium in KC at 7.15
    And then the main event rolls from Detroit …Debate ? what Debate ?


    • My Dear Hedley,
      That will be my choice for the evening’s entertainment-watching the magnificent Verlander and my newest heroes, The Tigers.

      I will bypass the football games as I will be in the kitchen preparing dinner.

  2. olof1 Says:

    No such day here I’m afraid, mostly rain and quite windy. But it is fairly warm so I won’t complain.

    I rarely have problems falling asleep, I just place my head on the pillow and then I’m off to dream land 🙂 Even when my hips argued I still slept like a baby most nights unless I suddenly needed to change position, then I wole up for a second or two before I fell asleep again.

    I hope they like that pie 🙂 I know I would 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • Christer,
      It stayed pretty warm today. Getting ready for dinner meant sweating in the kitchen.

      Once I go to bed, I fall asleep quickly, but some nights I’m not tired until late.That doesn’t really matter s I have no work the next day.

      They both had two helpings of the pie-it was a success!

  3. Bob Says:

    Today the sun was out most of the day and the high temperature is in the upper 70s. In other words today was gorgeous. Unfortunately, I was inside working all day and missed the beautiful weather. Shepard’s pie of any kind is a dish I have not tasted. Is it meat stewed in a pie plate covered with potatoes? When I was in the UK I saw it on a menu in a Pub. One of things I enjoyed most was British Pub Grub.

    • Bob,
      The day sounds gorgeous: I love it when the day is in the 70’s, the perfect temperature.

      Shepherd’s pie usually has hamburger and some vegetables and is covered by mashed potatoes. This one is quite different than the usual. I too love pub food-ploughman’s is my favorite.

      • Bob Says:

        One of my favorite pub dishes was “Toad in The Hole”. It was two bangers wrapped and baked in a puff pastry.

  4. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    That’ll be the day…er night… that I do yard work at 2AM. For one thing there are no motion sensor lights in my yard but there are large and small critters that owe no allegiance to me. The yard is theirs after midnight. For another thing, at this time of the year it can be somewhat dangerous to be in my yard because of falling walnuts. I have been listening to the walnuts falling on the lawn, the roof and against the house for several days now. They pack a considerable wallop when they hit. I wouldn’t want to get knocked unconscious in the dead of a fall night. No one who knows me would believe I was out there doing yard work. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Tuesday is my one day of work but I have an ear infection so I didn’t. The day was lovely but windy up here. Falling walnut weather. A redtail hawk flew low over my front steps while the dog and I were sitting out there. Rocky is too big for a redtail to grab. Perhaps she was a myopic hawk because she also made a pass over my neighbors and their Weimaraner.

    I hope your dinner was a great success.

    • Hi Caryn,
      It was the first time I ever did night yard work, but I figured the dog was out, and I might as well get something done with the light on in the backyard. The sensor lights are keyed to Gracie, but I haven’t night critters much since the 6 foot fence was put up.

      Nothing dangerous in the yard despite the lateness of the hour.

      I was busy all day so I didn’t get to enjoy it as much as I’d have liked.

      The dinner was a great success, and we had a fun night.

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