Love Me Do: The Beatles

My Dear Hedley was good enough to remind me that on October 5 1962, the Beatles released their very first single “Love Me Do” which wandered in to the top 20 in the UK.

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11 Comments on “Love Me Do: The Beatles”

  1. Hedley Says:

    and up to #17 it went and that was it….but it had started and we waited for Thank your Lucky stars and RSG and the last song on Uncle Mac and for that nice parlaphone single in the green sleeve. We saw them leave Heathrow to conquer America, which they did, and we watched them come home. We went to the movies and hated Magic Mystery Tour and they was FAB

    AND we brought you James Bond at exactly the same time.

    Enjoy the culture – its still with you

    • My Dear Hedley,
      I remember their arrival and their night on Ed Sullivan and all those screaming girls. I also remember how often I heard them on the radio.

      Dr. No-who can forget?

  2. Hedley Says:

    Sometimes its very difficult to look back at those times and remember that Macmillan was Primeminister and we were yet to hear of Profumo and Christine Keeler. But soon it would all break out, the pirates would take to the North Sea and we could avoid BBC controlled flow of music and information.

  3. Birgit Says:

    May I disturb the BEATification?
    50 years BEATles is impressive,
    but 11 years BEATallica is more fun 😉
    Ok, now you can BEAT me down (Figuratively).

  4. Bob Says:

    James Bond and the Beatles are two of the best exports from the UK. The 1960s was the era when British cars were terrible, think of the Vauxhall Victor. British Engineering was horrible, think of the Comet. British electrical parts were unreliable. Why do the British drink their beer warm? Because all of the refrigerators are made by Lucas. And, most people in the world thought of the UK as the land of warm beer, bad food and ugly woman. It started to turn around after Bond and the Beatles.

    • Bob,
      England is one of my favorite of all places. The food, years ago, wasn’t anything to write home about but that has all changed. What I love is the opportunity to eat all sorts of different world cuisines.

      The British Invasion brought us some of the most amazing groups, some of which still play today.

      I was always happy I didn’t drink beer!!

      • Bob Says:

        Actually I enjoy visiting the UK. The food has improved due to globalization as it has everywhere. There is even a Tex Mex restaurant in London near Trafalga Square. Pub Grub is even very good. By the late 1960s they developed the Concorde and slightly cool dark British ale is very good. Also, I saw some very good looking woman in UK. Just look at Kate Middleton.

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