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  1. Quote from Lewis Carroll

    • minicapt,
      I felt the same way when I saw this photo. It came through a Google photo search with the word adventure as the key word.

      The logo flag is much more striking in color.

  2. Bob Says:

    Flying on a DC-3 is always an adventure. After WWII these airplanes were plentiful and cheap. Continental Airlines had a fly able one that they took around to air shows before 911. I got a tour of the airplane in the late 1990s by a friend of mine who used to fly it in between his other trips on the airline. When I saw the cockpit I remarked that this airplane was from the time when aviation was dangerous and sex was safe. 🙂 Today that airplane is in a museum in Galveston Texas.

    • Bob,
      I remember my first flight was on an aircraft where you had to walk up to get to the front seats of the plane. The cockpit was behind a curtain. It was the most amazing flight!

      • Bob Says:

        It was probably a DC-3, as you can see in the picture, it had a tailwheel. PBA (Provencetown Boston Airlines) operated DC-3s in the New England area and also in Florida until 1989. I think that they were the last regularly scheduled passenger airline to use the airplane in the US. The DC-3 was designed in the 1930s and the last one was made in 1945.

  3. Bob,
    It probably was the DC-3 as I went from Boston to Hyannis. It was spectacular-over the ocean and hugging the shore.

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