Greetings From Ghana

I made!! Right now I am sitting in an air-conditioned internet cafe in Bolgatanga. Arriving here was wonderful. Everything felt familiar. I could smell the charcoal fires and food cooking. As I sat and ate lunch outside, complaining sheep walked by in a line baaing for all they were worth. Chickens wander. Small girls go by with trays of food on their heads. I have been greeted and greeted and told welcome!

Last night was the best of all greetings. I was lying in bed reading when the room lit up and the thunder started. Both were tremendous. The lights soon went out and so did the fan. I decided this was too great a storm to miss so I went onto the porch. The watchman was there, and we both watched the lightning brighten the houses, and he said the rain was a blessing as it hadn’t rained in a week. When the rain came, it came in heavy drops which pounded the tin roof of the compound near my house. That is one of my favorite sounds.

I am staying in the house of one of my students in a small village called Kantia, very near to Bolga. The house is large and comfortable. The only problem is the air-conditioning which does not work. The electrician will come today.  I had a fan overhead that was working but the storm ended that. It was a warm night!

I am meeting my students for lunch at 2.

With only a single year between visits, it feels as if I were here just yesterday!

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18 Comments on “Greetings From Ghana”

  1. sprite Says:

    How perfect to have a welcoming thunderstorm!

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    What a lovely gift for you.
    But I do hope the electrician comes soon.
    The weather here is cooler than the past week. I had to pull the blanket up this morning.

    • Kat Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I love a night needing a blanket! The air-conditioner is now on in my room, and I spend all evening there reading. I spend all day out and about sweating!

  3. Birgit Says:

    Glad to hear you arrived safely, thanks for keeping us up to date. Have a great time in Ghana!

  4. john Says:

    I haven’t had Coffee with my coffee in quite some time, regrettably. I’ve missed a few things?
    Enjoy the trip, Kat, and I’m glad you’re taking us with you.

    see if you can send some of that thunderstorm towards Illinois. We could use it.

    • Kat Says:

      Thanks, John

      I’ll try to write every few days. I am a bit out of town and my driver is ill now so the trips are less frequent. I’m glad to have you all with me.

  5. Bill S. Says:

    I can’t find Kantia on my Ghana map–maybe it’s too small to show up. In which direction is it from Bolga, and how far? On the Bawku road or Navrongo road?

    Did you ever try to find Thomas and/or James? I would love to know how/what they are doing now.

    Your description of the sights, sounds and smells takes me back 40 years. We’re looking forward to our trip next year.

    • Kat Says:

      It is about 15 minutes out of town on the Bawku road and it is really small,

      I wish I could find them but \i haven’t the faintest idea where to look. Thomas was from a village and the shop his wife had is no longer there.

      Bolga has changed and Bolga hasn’t changed!

  6. Bill S. Says:

    Never mind…I Googled and found Kantia on the Zuarungu road, satelite image. How big is the market? Do you have transport to Bolga–lorry, or Franciska’s car? And are you there for the duration of your trip?

    • Kat Says:

      I haven’t been to the market. I was going to go yesterday but it was Bolga market day so I went. Franciska’s driver is sick so I have to take a taxi. Grace brings it to the house and then we come into Bolga-it is about 15 cedis.

      I hope I can make the Ouga trip then I’m going to Accra for a night then on to Cape Coast, Elmina and Busua, Dixcove. I’ll see the monkey sanctuary on the way back.

  7. olof1 Says:

    I’m glad that at least the internet café has AC 🙂

    I have always imagined that thunderstorms are more powerful to look at when being in the tropics, is it so?

    I’m glad that You arrived safely and that You at least had a fan 🙂 Almost frost here the other day, today is more summer again 🙂

    Take care and have a great day!

    • Kat Says:

      I’m here again, and it is a delight!

      I think these are magnificent thunderstorms. There ARE TIN ROOFS WHICH MAKE THE SOUND EVEN MORE DRAMATIC. (sorry caps).

      Frost! I would love frost right now!

      Take care!

  8. Chris Says:

    Glad to know you got there safely. Have a great time – I’m sure you will – and keep us posted.

  9. MT C Says:

    You finally made it, Great and a great posting too. Its nice to have a second home. So familiar and so comfortable to know what is going on and where you are.

    Looking forward to the next report. Hurry, please, if you don’t mind. We are all waiting and traveling with you is so much fun!


    • Kat Says:

      That is so true-it feels comfortable here and friendly, familiar.

      |My students are wonderful company!

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