Rain: Jeff Black

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9 Comments on “Rain: Jeff Black”

  1. Spaceman Says:

    There are so many good songs with rain supporting the theme. Try some Superchic…

  2. Spaceman Says:

    Or something lighter

  3. Spaceman Says:

    or some soul.

  4. Spaceman Says:

    enough for now

  5. katry Says:

    You are so right that these are great songs, but they, excepting the first one, have been on Coffee before, and I try not to play repeat songs unless they are favorites as I figure I get to break my own rule.

    The only one of these I haven’t played before is Stand in the Rain. I did think about playing The Cascades again, but when I did a bit of research I found out I’d already played it twice.

    Thanks for posting the videos-that way everyone gets to hear them as they are a wonderful variety of rain songs.

    I don’t have Stand in the Rain, but I’ll find it and download for my files. Thanks for the introduction!

  6. Spaceman Says:

    Superchic is Christian alt rock, so play is pretty limited. You might like flyleaf if you like superchic. An interesting vid at a minimum



    • katry Says:

      You’re right about it being an interesting video. I liked it okay bit I think I liked the other a bit better.

  7. Spaceman Says:

    And Bubba?

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