Hallelujah: Jeff Buckley

I have played this before, but My Dear Hedley, who was at the Olympics, has returned home and this is for him. I know we toyed with playing Lennie but even I couldn’t play his version though I did post it first but then I immediately deleted it for this masterpiece.

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  1. Hedley Says:

    Thank you Kat, although neither Lennie not Jeff Buckley nor Hallelujah were featured, the experience was wonderful.
    We walked from West Ham into the Opening Ceremonies with Eric Shanteau’s wife and Father in law, and sat in front of a family from Belfast who stood and cheered the Irish team and roared for the arrival of Team GB.
    We stood on the curbside and watched Bradley Wiggins win the time trial and shared a glass of champagne from a generous home owner who was once Miss Ireland and described the demons she faced. We rode the Underground to Olympic Park with two young Australians and their Mother who were there to cheer on their Uncle in the pool. We stood at the back of the facility and cheered on our friend Peter Vanderkaay who won a bronze medal – we saw his Mom and Dad at Heathrow on Sunday – Peter had not sent the medal home with them, he had other plans
    The kids waved flags, painted their faces and wore their colors with pride and they cheered for Team GB and the underdogs. We sat on the final bend and watched the brilliant Jessica Ennis blast the 200M as 80,000 people roared. We watched the NHS nurses dance and never thought marxism. We watched one security guy chase the beer snake around the beach volleyball while the crowd improvised the chorus of “500 Miles”
    Our last evening was at an Italian restaurant in Weybridge and the couple at the next table were watching Jessica on their smart phone. It was fabulous, the volunteers were amazing and the organization flawless. We rode the trains, we rode the underground, we met memorable people and we watched competitors enjoying their Olympic moments

    • My Dear Hedley,
      As I watched the Olympics, I thought of you and how wonderful it must have been to attend and be part of the whole experience, the whole spectacular.

      Thank you for sharing such amazing memories. I can’t believe the people you met or sat with. I saw some of the painted faces, the clothes sewn from flags and all the waving of the different country’s flags. Even watching it was fun.

      I am so glad that everything came off as planned. I know that finishing touches were still going on at the last minute then there was the strike. The venues were wonderful. My favorites were the Horse Guard parade for the beach volleyball and the Velodrome.

  2. Hedley Says:

    Horse Guards Parade was extremely well done. They had created a holding area which had a village green and the Guards Band played in full uniform to entertain the waiting crowd. We had “end zone” seats and we could see the London Eye, “Big Ben” (apologies to purists) and Westminster Abbey. The Mall was closed off so we walked from Trafalgar Square where Nelson is currently wearing a goofy hat, towards the Palace and through a canopy of trees and flags…oh and there were girls jumping around in the sand in bikinis.

    • My Dear Hedley,
      I think the only problem at Horse Guards Parade was Mother Nature’s fault and that was the cold sand. I didn’t realize you had seen some of the matches. I watched them all on TV and will watch the two American teams battle for the gold.

      I love that the crowd was entertained, and I can only imagine the beautiful view you described!

  3. Birgit Says:

    There are so many good versions of this great song. In my opinion k.d. lang and Jeff Buckley did the best ones. My choir will rehearse that song soon for our new christmas program and I’m looking forward to sing it. Not actually a christmas song, but it fits for every occasion.

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