Trains and Boats and Planes: Dionne Warwick

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3 Comments on “Trains and Boats and Planes: Dionne Warwick”

  1. im6 Says:

    Decided someone needs to give you props for posting a Bacharach song… or a Warwick song. Both are terrific individually, but together they were unbeatable. This isn’t my favorite collaboration of theirs, but pretty spectacular nonetheless. I’d be hard pressed to choose a favorite, but this would be close to, if not at, the top:

    • Kat Says:

      Thanks! I appreciate the props!

      I was a Warwick fan from the start, and you’re right about the two together being unbeatable.

      This fit in with my theme as it is not my favorite either.

      I’m listening to Anyone Who Had a Heart and loving it!!

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