Anticipation: Carly Simon

Carly will be 67 on June 25th!

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5 Comments on “Anticipation: Carly Simon”

  1. im6 Says:

    Ah, Carly… an artist people seem to either love or hate. I fall somewhere in the middle, but I do think she’s often unfairly scorned. Oh, she deserves that scorn for one of the most undeserving Oscars ever awarded (“Let The River Run” from “Working Girl”). But she’s also recorded many great songs that get lost in the memories: “That’s The Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be,” “Legend In Your Own Mind,” The Right Thing To Do” among them. And I like her take on many of the classics from the Great American Songbook. I’m glad you turned the spotlight on Ms. Simon, Kat. She deserves it.

    • katry Says:

      Put me on the I like Carly list though, like you, I don’t care for all her music. I have the Greatest Hits of album and I like almost all of those songs!

  2. Bubba Says:

    I think of ketch-up when I hear this song

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