My Father: Judy Collins

This is my favorite song for Father’s Day!

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5 Comments on “My Father: Judy Collins”

  1. Jim Buck Says:

    Jim Buck Ihis current facebook status:
    Meeting Esme at Highbury & Islington, tomorrow. She’s treating me to: The Grayson Perry exhibition; a meal on Edgeware Road; Prometheus at Leicester Square. Sunday, Blanche is taking me for a Father’s Day meal at the Broadfield. What dutiful daughters! Forget King Lear. I am King Cheer! Grateful children are sweeter than the honey made by bees.

    • Kat Says:

      You are being well wined and dined by your daughters. I figure grateful children may be sweeter than honey but it’s a good father who teaches children love and gratitude!

  2. Jeff in San Diego Says:

    This Judy Collins song is a pretty good choice, Kat, but the best-ever musical tribute to fatherhood has to be this:

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