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Where is the music link you wonder. Well, my WordPress account is safe but it seems my MediaFire account has been suspended. I am yet again afoul of the law. Sharing files is a no-no, and this time it’s Bob Dylan whose complaint has shut me down. I will try to pretend I am someone else and open a new account on MedieFire but that will take some planning. I’ll have to go to the library’s wifi for a different ip address then I have to assume a pseudonym and a new e-mail account. I’ll also have to find a country where they don’t extricate (just kidding!).

The other option is one of you might know another free storage account. Please comment with the url if you do.

Don’t look for me-I’ll be disguised.

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21 Comments on “Missing Music Link”

  1. Birgit Says:

    New files are available for download if you open
    as a page. -> Titel.mp3

  2. greg mpls Says:

    today bob receives his medal of freedom….irony much?

  3. A little advice (and it’s possible you’ve already been following this, if so, never mind!) – obfuscate the artist and song a bit, like you do with PPP. They have processes that can track songs down just by content, but they are MUCH less likely to match than by name/tune name alone.

    • Kat Says:

      Thanks, Scott
      That’s what I’m going to do. I just have to find another place to host the songs at least until Thursday when I can try to get to the library..

  4. Chris Says:


    Commiserations. I think the lesson is avoid anyonw who played at the Newport Folk Festival in 1963.


  5. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat, Others use this URL http://www.packupload.com/ like MediFire they permit multiple downloads.
    Also, Use a very cryptic name to the file.

    • Kat Says:

      Thanks, Bob! I really appreciate an alternate storage spot, and I’ll give it a try. The name changing is also a great idea. I’ll get cryptic, maybe phonetical.

  6. Mark Anderson Says:

    Doc Watson was at Newport in ’63, I think. Hope you’ll be able to give us some of his great stuff.

  7. Jay Bird Says:

    So Little Bobby Dylan blew the whistle? Once more Dylan cements his reputation as a major (pick a body part). The songs shall rise again!

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