Holiday: The Bee Gees

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5 Comments on “Holiday: The Bee Gees”

  1. MT C Says:

    Must either be Bee Gees’ Day or you got lazy looking. LOL

    Doesn’t matter, I appreciate the Bee Gees and always have. You did pick three of my favorites. And I thank you again for all the reminders you leave me with of how good life has been. I think that you and I did have about the same upbringing at times, and at other times, it doesn’t seem much like the same planet. Hahaha!


    • katry Says:

      It was my tribute to Robin Gibb to note his passing away. I chose those great early songs because those were the Bee Gees I loved.

      I think those of us brought up around the same time shared similar adventures and up-bringings. I think we were the last innicent generation with the freedom to roam without fear.

      • MT C Says:

        I do believe that to be true. While the small town I came from is still relatively safe, the bigger towns are not safe any more. Why things changed is a bit beyond me, but you know, the kids growing up not knowing any differently, don’t seem to mind. And of course it will just continue on its road down the path. Oh well, lets hope that sometime things will change.


  2. katry Says:

    I think everything gets bigger and we lose the neighborly sense we all used to have. I know the people on my street but not those on the next one. When I was a kid, we knew the people all around us.

    Small towns change the least I think.

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