Bird on the Wire: Rita Coolidge

This is one of my favorite Leonard Cohen songs. It was Judy Collins’ cover I first heard so I always think of it as her song, but this is a great cover. It is from Rita‘s 1972 album This Lady’s Not For Sale.

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7 Comments on “Bird on the Wire: Rita Coolidge”

  1. P. Says:

    Hi,Kat. I hope you are well. “Bird On The Wire” is one of my all time favourite songs, along with Leonard’s glorious “Suzanne”. Thanks for your beautiful writing. I’m waiting for your book about Ghana! Take care…P

    • katry Says:

      Hey P,
      It’s been a while-hope all is well with you too as I’m doing just fine!!!

      Suzanne gives Bird on a Wire a run as my all time favorite. I remember when I was in college and his first album, Songs of Leonard Cohen, came out. I played it over and over again until the vinyl wore out. Sisters of Mercy was another favorite from that album.

      Thanks for the kind words about my writing. Ghana has stayed in my heart all these years so it is easy to write about the people and their country and my love for both. I can’t wait until I go back this summer. One friend I served with said a day doesn’t go by without him thinking of Ghana.

  2. lilydark Says:

    A lovely version. Bird on a wire has often been a theme in my life. Yes, A book would be a fine, and you have the talent to write it.

  3. peterrocker Says:

    Taste Kat,
    You have it in bucket loads!

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