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  1. katry Says:

    Oliver Wendell Holmes quote

  2. Bubba Says:

    After many a re-washed clothes, the neighboorhood watch,finally got rid of those pidgeons lsitting on the lines strung up.

  3. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    Whoa, for a moment I thought “spaghetti harvest”.


  4. MT C Says:

    That picture looks as if it could have been taken in Springfield MA, just to the business side of Spring Street where my grandfather lived. It was the first place I can remember of his and it was a wonder adventure being there. We could roam the streets and meed other kids our age and just do all kinds of things that we didn’t have to do in our little town.

    Just two blocks away were an Italian tenement houses. Big places with many apartments. Tall and oh so long, with wash out on the lines in between. The sweet smell of the fresh laundry drying would mix with the smell of the coal furnaces and you could detect it blocks away. Still remember it like that, even though not much of it remains any more and certainly not the smell. Now it is mostly diesel fumes in that area. Not much sweet about that, there OR here!


    • katry Says:

      I have similar memories of my grandmother’s house in East Boston. It was the city, and I was mesmerized by the houses side by side, by the streets crammed with cars and the Italian bakeries which sold the best cold pizza in squares. Visitng my grandparents was always an adventure.

      Smell is such a trigger of memories. I catch a whiff of a wood fire, and I am back to a Ghanaian morning when smoke rose from the all the compounds around my house. You will forver remember the smell of coal furnaces!

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