“I ain’t ever had a job, I just always played baseball.”

In the Globe this morning was an article about people buying fertilizer and loam for their lawns. The author likened our current weather to that of Washington DC around this time of year. He said we are about two months ahead of our usual growth schedule. I can attest to that. The rhododendron in my front garden has buds. All over the rest of the garden are green shoots from the bulbs I planted last fall. The nights get chilly but the days are warm, in the 40’s, and tomorrow will be in the 50’s, but I’m not quite taken in by this quirky weather. Being a New Englander, I’m skeptical. I expect snow is probably right around the corner just waiting to catch us. I just can’t shake it.

The sports’ pages are more interesting since baseball’s spring training started. This morning I got a chuckle. Bobby Valentine, the new coach of the Red Sox, has announced that all players will ride the bus to spring training games. All I could think of were bus rides back in my day.

The oldest ruled the back of the bus, the elite section, first class. I pictured Youkalis and Ortiz sitting there, the only two players left from the 2004 team. Pedroia by virtue of his talent and work ethic would also be welcome. He’d be the one shooing away the lesser players. Rookies must sit in front. The rest of the team can sit in the middle seats. We always sang on bus trips so I imagined the Sox belting out the likes of Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Sweet Caroline with all the appropriate responses, Wild Thing and maybe even Shipping Up to Boston even though Papelbon left for the big bucks. Pedey would dance in the aisle and Bobby would have him sit down and behave. Speaking of Bobby, why is it that a grown man is still called Bobby by people other than his family? I guess it’s a sports thing where growing up often optional.

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  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I hated to sit in the back of the bus unless I could have the seat that went across the whole back so I could put my feet up. I think those may be gone now because of the emergency escape doors. Anyway, I liked to sit in the funny sideways seats up front. I didn’t like to share either so I would spread out all my stuff so nobody else could sit next to me. I still pick the same seat on the subway, if possible but I will allow someone to sit there if I have to. I have become civilized with age. 🙂

    The spawns of Satan are back. They have discovered my new bird feeders which, fortunately, have a lifetime guarantee. There is no damage yet but I am shopping for a pellet gun. A squirrel on the bird feeder leads to squirrel in the attic and I’m not having that again.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      Those are the seats I remember when I was riding the bus, and you’re right: they’re gone now. I never liked sitting in any direction but face forward. I was always afraid of getting bus sick. I think it was the smell of the exhaust.

      I thought age was when you were expected to be cantankerous!

      Now that yours are back, I’m going to keep an eye out for mine. My nephew has volunteered to shoot them, but I’m thinking gunfire in my neighborhood might cause a few problems.

      Aim well!!

  2. olof1 Says:

    I noticed that the first tulips are looking up above the ground today. So we are much closer to spring now than we’ve been in years. But like You I suspect the snow to come again any day, spring normally doesn’t come until April.

    I’ve started to write down perennials that will spread by them selves now so I’ll sonn send You a mail. But I don’t know if they sell the same perennials over on Your side of the ocean though. I’ll write down their scientiffic names and if I can find their common names as well.

    43F here today and no wind. But I didn’t notice much of the weather before my care passed the annual inspection 🙂 I’m always stressed when I have to do this and can’t relax until it is over 🙂

    I always liked to sit in the front of the bus, preferable where the wheels made the seats higher than the rest. I don’t think they make busses liuke that any more.

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      We are the weather skeptics. Everyone else is embracing an early spring, but we are just waiting for the first flakes. I would love if it didn’t happen, but I dare not believe spring is really here so early.

      Thank you on the perennials as I’m looking forward to filling that side garden. There are four different nurseries so I can always look among them for the plants.

      It was 38° but the wind made it feel so much colder. Tomorrow will be in the 50’s here and may even hit 60° in Boston.

      I used to have a car like that. I always held my breath at inspection, but this one and my last never were a problem.

  3. flyboybob Says:

    Congratulations are in order for the Red Sox hiring Bobby Valentine as their manager. He managed the Texas Rangers for a few years and had a winning record at the beginning in 1985. However, he was fired by George W. Bush, Rangers former managing partner, before the 1992 season. Bobby “V” always had good relationships with his players. His father-in-law was Ralph Branca who was the former Brooklyn Dodger relief pitcher who gave up the famous “Shot Heard Round the World” home run to Bobby Thompson in the season ending 1951 playoff game.

    When I was a kid living in Dallas in the 1950s riding in the back of the bus had a different connotation. African Americans were only allowed to sit in the few seats in the back of the bus or they had to stand even if seats reserved for white people were available in the front of the bus. The business community quickly desegregated the bus system and other public accommodations when civil rights activists started peaceful protests in other Southern Cities which hurt retail sales downtown. Our business leaders here in Dallas did the correct thing by putting money ahead of Jim Crow.

    • katry Says:

      I feel better with a guy Bush fired. He must be a good one! The Sox need a firmer hand. They took total advantage of Tito Francona who was an underrated manager. I liked the guy and was sorry to see him go, but it was time.

      When I was talking back of the bus, it meant school trips or trips with groups I belonged to as a kid. I do know all about the Jim Crow south and the back of the bus. I also remember Rosa Parks who wanted a seat and took it. We here in the north were not immune to inequality: school busing is a perfect example.

  4. Clueless Says:

    Off topic, but Happy Mardi Gras!

  5. Zoey & Me Says:

    New banner for Coffee? I’m probably late recognizing it. You must know if a baseball manager was fired by the village idiot GW Bush, he had to be a good one. I’m anxious to see how the sox do this year.

    • katry Says:

      About a week ago I changed it. Morpfy makes a new one periodically, and I like his creations.

      I totally agree that anyone Bush fired must be all right! I too am anxious!

      • flyboybob Says:

        Compared to Rick Perry, our current governor, GW Bush looks like one step above the village idiot.

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