Run For Your Life: The Beatles

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4 Comments on “Run For Your Life: The Beatles”

  1. olof1 Says:

    I’ve never heard this one before! I like it even if the text is somewhat disturbing.

    • katry Says:

      It is on The Rubber Soul album released in 1965. According to Wikipedia, “The song’s lyrics establish a threatening tone towards the singer’s unnamed girlfriend (referred to throughout the song as “little girl”), claiming “I’d rather see you dead, little girl, than to be with another man.” The line was taken from an early Elvis Presley song, “Baby, Let’s Play House” (written by Arthur Gunter). Lennon designated this song as his “least favourite Beatles song” in a 1973 interview and later said it was the song he most regretted writing.[2] He also stated that the song was one of George Harrison’s favourite songs on Rubber Soul at that time, despite Lennon’s dislike of it.[3]

      Lennon would revisit this theme in a more apologetic fashion with his post-Beatles song “Jealous Guy”.

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