“If my mother put on a helmet and shoulder pads and a uniform that wasn’t the same as the one I was wearing, I’d run over her if she was in my way. And I love my mother.”

When I woke up, I thought it was raining. I could hear drops falling to the deck from the roof, but when I came downstairs, I saw it wasn’t rain at all. It was the sound of snow melting from the eaves and the roof. It is 42° and will stay warm for the next few days. We are back in the middle of our strange winter.

My headache is gone and my teeth have stopped aching. The Patriots’ AFC game yesterday was the culprit which caused the pain. It was an amazing game, not a good game, but an amazing game, the sort that doesn’t let you relax, the sort that keeps your stomach in knots. We were on our feet with hands in the air calling each touchdown and we’d sit right back down to moan the turnovers, the lost opportunities and the threes and out. It came down to a few seconds and a kicker as to whether or not we’d go into overtime. We, my friends and I and I suspect most people watching, held our collective breaths once the ball was kicked. We watched the field goal go left of the posts, and we cheered. Bring on the Superbowl!

I am a Tom Brady fan and became even more of one yesterday. When asked about the game, Tom said, “Well I sucked pretty bad today but our defense saved us. I’m gonna go out and try and do a better job in a couple of weeks.” You have to love an honest man.

My father was a football fan. On Thanksgiving he had the record time for finishing his entire meal, including a turkey leg, so he could rush back to TV and football. In those days, I shutter to admit, he was a Giants fan because there were no Patriots.

My father was a screamer. He’d yell at poorly executed plays and moan loudly at fumbles or sacks. It didn’t matter that he was alone watching the games. He was perfectly connected with the TV and the action on the field and didn’t need anyone else. If we happened to join him, he’d just point to the TV, turn to us and ask if we’d seen the play that had him screaming. He didn’t care whether we answered.

When the Patriots won their first Superbowl, we all talked about my Dad and how much he would have loved his hometown team taking the trophy. In two weeks I’ll be thinking of him again when the Giants play the Patriots. I have no doubt as to where his allegiance would be.

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15 Comments on ““If my mother put on a helmet and shoulder pads and a uniform that wasn’t the same as the one I was wearing, I’d run over her if she was in my way. And I love my mother.””

  1. Zoey & Me Says:

    Both games were teeth grunchers. I thought for sure the niners were going to score first in overtime but the running back fumbled the ball on the 20. Bye, Bye San Fran. It’s another NY/Patties Superbowl the last one we watched in the lobby of the Crown Plaza on my daughters wedding day. This time I get to watch New York win at home.

    • katry Says:

      I agree-I watched that second game but was not rooting for the Giants. I am not a Manning fan, either one, but I’ll take the rematch.

      I take umbrage with your last sentence!

  2. sprite Says:

    I was out at a diner with friends and their 1-year-old son at the end of the Pats game. The tvs were tuned to the game and when the FG attempt went wide, the restaurant erupted. Poor Holden, overcome by the sudden noise, burst into sobs and then screams of dismay. While we all knew that it was just the surprise of a sudden and scary noise that upset him, I joked to his father, a fellow New Englander, that his D.C.-born son was really a Ravens fan.

    He did not see the humor in my remark.

    • katry Says:

      I saw the humor-thanks for the laugh!

      I was with friends, and we too erupted. I was surprsied their dog didn’t bark at our over the top exuberance.

  3. Lori Kossowsky Says:

    I didn’t watch the game. Meow doesn’t like football, so I obliged her by not watching it. People here, of course, were going crazy for some SF team. It’s rainy and grey and I am going back to sleep.
    Dreamy Waves,

    • katry Says:

      I watched both games. They were exciting, edge of the seat game. I can’t believe you didn’t even know the name of the team. Sorry to say they did lose in over time.

      It will be early to bed for me tonight. I’m already tired.

      Sweet dreams!

      • Lori Kossowsky Says:

        I was joking about knowing the name of the other team! Quite some time ago I went to a Super Bowl Party when the the unnamed team was playing; the party was in S.F., and I believe they won.
        I never did get my nap in, so I am finally going to do that now.

  4. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    It was very quiet on the street yesterday and when I woke up this morning I hit the news to see what had happened. Glad the Pats squeaked through.
    I had a big flock of Robins come through this morning. They’re still around and they are singing. Not mating songs, but still, they are singing. Signs of spring.
    Enjoy the win!

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      It was an exciting game right up to the last sedonds, no question.

      I hate to break your spring dreams but those are winter robins who don’t migrate. There was just an article in the paper about them. The robins you’re hoping to see do go south.

      • Caryn Says:

        Yeah, I know there are winter robins. They don’t hang around my yard in the winter, though. I get cardinals, titmice, chickadees and house sparrows. This was a big group of several dozen birds which Journey North (the group that tabulates these things) considers a migrating wave. Who am I to argue? 🙂 Besides, the skunk cabbage is up and Benson’s Ice Cream says it’s not quite 3 months until they open for the season. My spring dreams remain intact. 😀

  5. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat from Toronto.
    Today was warm here, a high of 9 degrees C. It rained most of the day with a chance of snow flurries in the morning.

    I watched part of the AFC game and all of the NFC one. This should be a fun Super Bowl. Tom Brady vs. Ely Manning. This year both teams deserve to play in the big game. Since I have no aligences to either team, I can root for the commercials.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      It is 7:30 and still warm at 46°. It’s raining so the snow is nearly gone.

      I’m looking forwward to the Super Bowl and I do love seeing all the new commercials. I too think it will be a good game.

  6. Hedley Says:

    Kat, I was at the Orange Bowl in Miami in 2000 when Tom Brady lead the university of Michigan to victory over the Tide. He certainly is America’s quarterback and very refreshing in his approach and honesty. He owes Eli and the Giants one in two weeks and who would ever bet against him. Your Pats have been blessed to have him at the helm.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I cannot dispute your Brady observation. To think he wasn’t drafted until the 6th round. I saw his draft picture and he was this scrawny looking kid.

      If Bledsoe hadn’t gotten hurt, I wonder how long it would have been before Brady got his chance to change the francise.

  7. Kat Says:

    Dear Caryn,
    I’m more than willing to share your spring dreams!

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