“Never take a job where winter winds can blow up your pants.”

Today is a balmy 27°. Last night went into single digits, but I’m not complaining. This has been too warm a winter to warrant any complaints. Not only that but it’s already mid-January, and we haven’t had any snow. I guess my sled will stay in the cellar for a while longer.

I crave color. The world is just so drab after Christmas. Dead leaves hang on the branches, and the tall brown trunks of pine trees stand silhouetted against a muted blue sky. Here and there people still have Christmas lights lit every night, and I appreciate their gestures. I buy cut flowers for the house around this time of year. Their colors remind me that there will be a spring. I just have to be more patient.

My house is a dust bowl. I think I saw Tom Joad upstairs the other day so I’ve made the committment to dust and polish this room today. It is where I spend the most time so it will get the most attention. I hate to clean. It seems like such a waste of time when I could be reading or doing absolutely nothing. Also, the plants need to be watered. It sounds like a work day to me.

Yesterday afternoon I just couldn’t get warm. I was chilled to the bone. I turned up the heat, but that didn’t help. I added a few layers, a long sleeve shirt under my sweatshirt and a pair of socks over my cozies, but they didn’t help either. A cup of coffee tasted great, but only my hands around the cup got warm for only a short while. I tried to take a nap under the down comforter but still felt chilled so I couldn’t fall asleep. My feet were the worst. They were freezing so put on wool socks. Finally my feet got warm and the warmth spread. I was comfortable all evening and thankful for my wool socks even if they do have a few holes.

Last week was really busy. This week is an empty dance card. I won’t see another person until Thursday for our weekly trivia night. Summer is filled with people and voices and sounds. The winter is silent.

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8 Comments on ““Never take a job where winter winds can blow up your pants.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    Still around 32F here and no wind, really nice 🙂 But our coldest month is February so the cold might still come. I’m happy about that as long as it doesn’t bring any snow 🙂

    I have color all around me all day since I’m a painter 🙂 But I have a big azalea flowering in one window and a Cattleya orchid in another. It odes brighten up some.

    I hate those days when it is impossible to get warm! Those days I like to pull up a chair towards the stove and put my feet on it 🙂 That and a cup of hot cocoa usually helps 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      It’s 29° here now but it will be 50° within the next couple of days. This is one crazy winter.

      I’m thinking the color of the world as it is so drab right now. The walls of my house are quite colorful and each room is bright, but they aren’t enough. I want the green grass, the flowers and new leaves.

      Luckily today I’m warm.

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I was out in my back swamp this afternoon and saw that the skunk cabbage is up. It’s not open but it is up and that’s a start. Spring’s coming! 🙂

    When my feet get cold like that, I do as Christer does except I don’t have a wood stove. I pull a chair up to the kitchen stove, open the oven door, light the oven and put my feet up on the oven door. If you have a wall oven, this will be difficult. You might have to resort to sticking your feet under a warm dog.

    It’s 25F here now. It’s so warm I was outside without a coat. For 2 seconds. Rocky is still antsy. He wants out, hits the frigid air, leaps about a bit, comes back in, runs around the house, asks to go out again and the cycle renews itself.

    Enjoy the sunshine even if it isn’t exactly warm.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I have the tops of bulb flowers up all over the garden, but it is too early. They have been tricked by the warm winter. I hope thewy’ll be okay.

      I could put my feet in front of the registers near the floor and hope to get warm, but the heat isn’t consistent enough. I have tucked them under Gracie butr she usually moves.

      Gracie isn’t feeling so hot for the second day in a row. I just fed her some spider plants hoping to settle her stomach. That usually works.

      I cleaned and sneezed!

  3. Zoey & Me Says:

    I was bored yesterday until the NY game came on, then got wrapped up in them beating Green Bay. Who would have guessed that win? Green Bay looked like my Redskins. I was happy I watched as some of these teams just don’t stack up as interesting competition as you witnessed with Denver. I seem to blog more when I’m bored and the weather here is still much cooler than we are used to. I don’t go out because I never bought a winter coat. My closet is loaded with Hoodies but none that would help in this 40 degree weather. Enjoy your furnace up there.

    • katry Says:

      I watched a bit of the game but my interest flagged.

      I wear only hoodies when I go outside. The winter coat is reserved for the really cold days when I might have to be outside for a long time. I wore a hoodie the other day when it was in the 20’s. I can’t remember the last time I wore a winter coat.

  4. Bob Says:

    Today the temperature was 70 degrees with a south wind and some clouds. Tomorrow a weak cold front will bring the temperatures down to a more seasonal level. Thank goodness not as cold as in New England.

    When I get cold I have to put on warm layers as well but I can take a nap anywhere and almost anytime. Next week I have to travel to Toronto Ontario for a couple of days. I hope It doesn’t snow and the temperature is not too cold. Generally, Toronto is on the side of Lake Ontario that is shielded from the lake effect show that paralyzes Buffalo.

    My theory is if you died tomorrow would people remember you for your clean house, or for the good things you did the day before.

    • katry Says:

      I got spoiled by the warm winter weve had until two days ago, but it will be 50° again by Wednesday.

      I so seldom set aside a day to clean that I felt some satisfaction by my efforts today. This room is cluttered with all sorts of stuff I’ve collected so cleaning isn’t easy. Now the room shines, well not really!

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