Out of the Rain: The Duhks

This is from The Duhks album Migrations.

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5 Comments on “Out of the Rain: The Duhks”

  1. wt Says:

    clean like most of the music you post.

  2. wt Says:

    In regards to Playing clean music ,

    As a player it was the first best compliment that came to mind. I
    have an old connection to the Village folk scene in NYC and have been forwarding links to your refreshing blog to others that were part of that era. I also have a penchant for real java coffee.

    • Kat Says:

      Thanks, wt

      I had no idea what you meant, and now I am genuinely pleased!

      I try to play the early folk singers from the Village folk scene era. They are what first drew me to folk music and they have the fondest spots in my heart.

      I’m with you on the coffee!

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