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  1. katry Says:

    Mark Twain quote

  2. bill s. Says:

    Where do you get these great b & w photos? The man on the left looks like my dad. The man with the white trenchcoat in the very center looks like he’s taking a leak by side of the street. The woman pulling the Flexible Flyer could have been my mom. The women in the fifties always wore rubber overshoes or boots with a skirt–no slacks. Looks like me on the sled, with one of those hats with heavy earflaps we could wear up or down.

    • katry Says:

      I hunt all over the web for these. Some I’ve found in US archival files and others in state files. Life Magazine has some, and often I find whole sections of family files.

      This one is most decidedly our childhood time. I remember well those boots as my mother had a pair, a black pair. My brother had one of those hats, and last Christmas I bought a similar one for my brother-i-law for his winter fishing expeditions.

      I have fun hunting for the pictures.

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