“Silence is a sounding thing, to one who listens hungrily.”

This morning was warm, sunny and quiet when I left for breakfast. When I got home, my yardmen were just finishing clearing the pine needles from the front lawn and the oak leaves from the deck and driveway. I could see grass and pavement for the first time in a long while; however, soon after the men left, the wind started again, and the pine needled have begun reclaiming the lawn. Now the clouds have rolled in and the sun has disappeared. The day is much like yesterday, drab.

While I was talking to my sister, I watched out the window at one leaf twirling at the end of an oak branch as the wind was swinging it. The leaf would turn from left to right then back again. I was rooting for that leaf, but the wind was too strong. It took the leaf which drifted to the ground to become one of many in my backyard. I thought about that leaf and realized why I always think of this season as fall.

I buy flowers for my house this time of year. I start to crave color, and flowers always seem to pull me from the grayness of late fall and winter. The flowers I buy tend to yellows and pinks. They are the bright colors, the colors of my summer garden, and they always remind me that winter is but one of four seasons.

The only sound I hear is the deep breathing of Gracie as she naps on the couch.  It will be a quiet day. It is the essense of me today.

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19 Comments on ““Silence is a sounding thing, to one who listens hungrily.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    November was a lousy month when I had my garden centre. No one buys flowers here then unless it is a birthday present, every one is waiting for the christmas flowers like azaleas and poinsettias.

    How ever when they start buying these flowers they buy a lot, preferably in red but salmon and spreckeled is popular too.

    The day started out grey and foggy but the sun actually showed it self for a couple of hours in the afternoon. It was a nice change.

    Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      I always buy my flowers at the florist at the grocery store. the garden shops only sell greenery, trees and the plants you mentioned.

      I like to mix my pointsettia colors.

      It’s still a grim day here though warm.

  2. Lori Kossowsky Says:

    It is cloudy and chilly here. Belated happy woffday to Gracie. Is the Summer really over? The garden has flowers, but I don’t like to bring flowers in the house, I prefer they stay outside. Today will also be quiet for me; I’ve had appointments almost every day this week, and plan to hibernate in the apartment today. Yesterday, I went to an Occupy event where I heard David Rovics sing and was impressed, I even bought his CD. It had rained most of the week, but it cleared up for the event, although it was cold. There are new protest songs coming out all the time– one just has to look ( and I do ). Oh, the name of the CD I bought is called “Waiting for the Fall, a retrospective.” I hope I make sense this early in the day.
    Have a fine day, Kat.

    • katry Says:

      I love to bring in my summer flowers then more grow. If I leave them to deadhead, I don’t get any more. The flowers I mean come from the stores this time of the year.

      We have had clouds most of the week and a chilly day or two, but it’s still unseasonably warm.

      I hope yours was a fine day too!

  3. morpfy Says:

    cool but sunny here.Maybe today will get to the upper 50’s.
    Had a dusting of snow the other day.
    Chasing the turkey around for dinner next week.

    • katry Says:

      No snow here yet though the rest of the state did get it a few weeks ago. It is 56° right now-not bad for late afternoon.

      Hope you catch that turkey!

  4. Zoey & Me Says:

    Well, Did Gracie enjoy her birthday toys? As the months go by I am always reminded of a fall and winter story from you Kat. It sometimes makes me miss DC. We are planting our winter garden down here and of course the guy hired to deliver the mulch never showed. Always something.

    • katry Says:

      She loved the rubber ball with the ridges. It bounced funny when it hit the ground. She played with it so long she was panting.

      Watching the season as they change is one of the joys of living here-cold not always but it’s still part of the process.

  5. Hedley Says:

    Maggie and I cruised, we do it a lot on the weekend, and this morning it was to Panera. Down the dirt roads we go, dodging potholes but no longer worried about joggers or bikers. Big Rick and I have put the bikes away for another year and Maggie benefits.
    America’s Team handed it to Carolina today and now everyone can look forward to seeing the Lions have a go at Green Bay on Thursday.
    My snowblower works..I started it in anticipation of bad things that are not very far away.

    • J.M. Heinrichs Says:

      Lions beat the Eskies 40-23, so we’re off to the Grey Cup versus the Blue Bombers.


      • Hedley Says:

        Ooohhhh BC at home to (not the jets) Winnipeg next Sunday….fire up the CBC, do we get Brian Williams and Don Cherry ? Hopefully “Blue” is not supporting the wrong team.

      • katry Says:

        I went hunting to help me understand the particulars. What I found most impressive was the Lions started the season at 0 and 5. Most impressive!!!

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      Gracie and I didn’t do much after breakfast today. She played, and I mostly read.

      Sad to hear the bikes are put away and you’re checking the snowblower.

  6. Bob Says:

    Here in North Texas it’s been cloudy with temperatures in the upper 60s. The leaves are just beginning to change color on some of the trees and it’s raining intermittently.

    Your selection of music today is superb! Lena Horn and Diana Krall, what could be better.

    The real America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys, won in overtime over the Washington Redskins in DC. It’s always fun to watch the play, too bad that game was not on Thanksgiving Day.

    • Hedley Says:

      To paraphrase your Governor when he crapped out at Oakland University here in beautiful Michigan. “I will do away with three trades we made with the Detroit Lions, Roy Williams, Roy Williams and, and,……uuurrrhhhhhhh….”
      Thanks again for the draft picks and how are Roy’s feet ???

      • Bob Says:

        I did not, nor would I ever vote for him. However, it takes more than one season to be considered, America’s Team. Last year I boarded a plane home from Newark on a Saturday morning and it was loaded with Cowboy fans from the NY/NJ area traveling to see a home game in Dallas. That’s what America’s team means.

    • katry Says:

      Thanks, Bob. Both are favorites of mine, and their voices fit my mood perfectly.

      I would think a team called the Patriots would be far more America’s team, a symbol of freedom through revolution.

  7. Splendid Says:

    Happy Monday! Yesterday was a quiet day at home,nothing much accomplished. Today I am on the hunt for a fresh turkey and some sunshine! I wish i could tell you how much I love reading you Kat and other coffee friends,I really do! I thought about the story “the fall of freddy the leaf’ reading you today. You are correct we must take the cold for the changing seasons, it is a hard trade come February, but I will take it today! xoxoxoxoxoxox to all!

    • katry Says:

      So now my poor leaf has a name-that’s fine with me. That courageous last leaf deserved one!

      This has been the warmest of falls. I am still amazed. Today is one of the coldest it’s been, and it is 44°, not bad.

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