Cole Slaw: Louis Jordan And His Tympani Five

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3 Comments on “Cole Slaw: Louis Jordan And His Tympani Five”

  1. Ted Says:

    I’m trying to get my wife the jazz fan turned on to your blog. She’s not so much into folk, but the Louis Jordan and Fats Waller made a hit.

    By the way, our dog is named Gracie too. She’s 11 years old, half-husky and half-lab and not very good at being either, but she’s friendly.

    • katry Says:

      Weekends I tend to play jazz as I spread my wings a bit more on these two days. I started out folk but the blog keeps meandering. Have her drop by every Saturday and Sunday. I’m a huge Fats fan so she’ll hear him often.

      Gracie is a Boxer who does her own thing regardless of my prompting.

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